JDBC Architecture

Java Architecture is consist of Java Application, JDBC API, DriverManager, Driver and Database. Java Application is our client program which contains JDBC API client logic and our bussiness logic. JDBC API: JDBC ( Java Database Connectivity) API  provides the connectivity between Java application and Database. Java application can communicate with any Database with the help… Read More

What is Reverse proxy and configure NGINX as a reverse proxy

  What is Reverse Proxy:  Reverse proxy takes the request from the client over the network, forward to the server in an internal server and send back server’s response to the client.   The advantage of Reverse proxy: The reverse proxy hides the existence and characteristics of the server. Reverse proxy protects the server from web-based… Read More

Linux – 10 Useful Networking Commands

Linux is powerful operating system and open source. It provides many inbuilt networking commands for troubleshooting. Here 10 useful networking commands. 1. ifconfig – configure a network interface We can configure network interface related parameters using the ifconfig command, in general, we use ifconfig command to check the IP address.  root@kali:~# ifconfig 2. dig: DNS lookup utility dig… Read More

Telecommunications Acronyms and Initialisms – Part 2

Initialisms: AFC – Automatic Frequency Control ATC – Alarm Traffic Controller ATM – Asynchronous Transfer Mode BW – Bandwidth CATV – Cable Television CODEC – COder DECoder DCME – Digital Compressed Multiplication Equipment DP – Data Processing DSS – Direct Satellite Services DTH – Direct-to-Home DTMF – Dual Tone Multiple Frequency EIRP – Equivalent Isotropic… Read More