Telecommunications Acronyms and Initialisms – Part 2

Initialisms: AFC – Automatic Frequency Control ATC – Alarm Traffic Controller ATM – Asynchronous Transfer Mode BW – Bandwidth CATV – Cable Television CODEC – COder DECoder DCME – Digital Compressed Multiplication Equipment DP – Data Processing DSS – Direct Satellite Services DTH – Direct-to-Home DTMF – Dual Tone Multiple Frequency EIRP – Equivalent Isotropic… Read More

Linux Directory Commands

Directory Commands ls– This command ‘lists’ the contents of your present working directory. pwd- Shows you what your present working directory is. cd– Lets you change directories. rm– Removes one or more files. rmdir– Remove an empty directory. mkdir– Make a directory. ps– Provides a list of currently running processes. cp– Copy a file. mv– Move a file (this is also used to rename a file, “moving” it… Read More

Linux File Commands

  File Administration ls [option(s)] [file(s)] If you run ls without any additional parameters, the program will list the contents of the current directory in short form. -l detailed list -a displays hidden files cp [option(s)] sourcefile targetfile Copies sourcefile to targetfile. -i Waits for confirmation, if necessary, before an existing targetfile is overwritten -r Copies recursively (includes subdirectories) mv [option(s)] sourcefile targetfile Copies sourcefile to targetfile then deletes the original sourcefile. -b… Read More