Cantt station hotel karachi | Hotel near cantt railway station karachi

I will explain the importance of travel later
Let me first explain why it was my turn to write an informative article about Karachi Cantt Station Hotel.
A few days ago today, a friend of mine from Lahore called and said that my wife and I have left for Karachi
You arrange accommodation for us
I left at two in the morning to book a hotel
Because the morning of Karachi is after six o’clock in the evening
Karachi people stay up late at night
And sleep late in the day.

karachi cantt station cheap hotels

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first
So except for a few hotels, each servant had his own rate.

Someone was saying fourteen hundred for two beds

So someone was charging a thousand rupees.
Then I realized that I had come from here
And those who come from other provinces tired, how can they go around with so much poor stuff?

The hotel owner will tell the rate that the passenger will be forced to stay there

I thought why not upload the names and phone numbers of all the hotels of Karachi Cantt station on Google.
So that the passengers can contact the hoteliers before reaching Karachi.


If the hotel owners and travelers understand the rate, then stay in the same hotel.
Friends, there are many hotels in Karachi but in this article I will give information only about those hotels which are near Karachi Cantt Railway Station.

There are a few requests for travelers to make your own hotel
Don’t ask a friend or relative living in Karachi to book a hotel for us.

Because hotel room is not available on Karachi ID card and if there are ladies with it then bring their ID card too. Thank you.

cantt station hotel

NO 1 .

Hotel Abaseen

NO 2

NEW Attock Hotel

NO 3

AL Sanober Hotel

NO 4


NO 5

Al Hassan Hotel

NO 6


NO 7


No 8


NO 9

North Star Hotel

NO 10


NO 11

Hotel City

NO 12

Hotel Kurram