10 Best Doctors in the world | who is the best surgeon in the world 2022

Health is a great reward of Allah Almighty
The value of health. Ask the patients in the hospitals. For health, a person is ready to spend all his accumulated capital.
We often see in hospitals that the heirs of the patient are begging the doctors that the doctor should not care about the amount of money, we are ready to spend it but our patient will be saved.

best doctor in the world

Friends, in today’s article I will tell you about the ten best doctors in the world.

If you follow these 10 principles of doctors, you will always live a healthy life.

You will stop visiting hospitals. Will stop doing
Let’s move on to the main points of the first principle of healthy living.

why water is polar

No. 1

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
As the land is not watered, it dries up and nothing grows there
Similarly, dehydration of the human body can lead to many health problems.
Lack of water in the body results in body fatigue causing mental confusion and anxiety. If you are very thirsty and you get a glass of water, how much relief will your body get?
So use more water.


No. 2

Dude, who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep?
When you get enough sleep
So your mood is pleasant. When you don’t get enough sleep, you feel irritable
Dark circles appear around your eyes
Watching you get at least eight hours of sleep will also increase your memory
Your creativity will also increase.
You keep thinking
Every day on which I write, new ideas will come to your mind
So frustration and depression will run away from you.

what meditation is

No. 3

I will only praise meditation among my friends which will bring the whole concept of meditation in your mind.
Meditation means to meditate by bringing your scattered thoughts to a single thought.


healthy food diet

No. 4
Healthy food.

Eat strong foods for a healthy life. Include milk, mutton, fish, dried fruits, fruits especially apples, cloves and vegetables in your diet.

fasting glucose level

No. 5

If you are a Muslim, do not eat until a certain time if you belong to another religion
Even then, you should rest your stomach for eight to ten hours.
If your stomach is healthy then the whole system of the body will be fine. The stomach is your engine.

what yoga is

No. 6

Doing yoga daily is also important for your healthy life.

nature scenery

No. 7

See the beautiful green things every day, especially early in the morning
Walking in green areas is also very important for your health.

exercise list

No. 8

Every sane person knows how important exercise is for the human body.

air fryer

No. 9
Like we can’t live without water
In the same way, having air is very important for human life.
We can’t live in a closed box in a closed room. Having air is very important.

watch friends

No. 10
Finding good friends in life is also a great blessing.
Because a friend is something with which a person can share his every problem
There are a lot of things that can’t be done with your family,
The slave can share with friends.

Friends, now I would like permission.
Take care of yourself then we will meet with a new article.