which city better Karachi or Lahore

Karachi vs Lahore

Friends, in today’s Lahore Karachi article we will find out what are the characteristics of the two cities that make the two cities stand out from each other.
Let’s get started.
If Badshahi Mosque is in Lahore, then Karachi is the third largest mosque in the world.

If there is a shrine of Ali Hajwary in Lahore, then there are fans of Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Karachi.

If there is Minar e Pakistan in Lahore, then there is Mazar Bani Pakistan in Karachi.

If Lahore has a royal fort, then Karachi has inherited the Ferrier Hall.

If there is a river Ravi in ​​Lahore, then the world comes to see the sea of ​​Karachi.
In Lahore, if there are wonderful khabas and pies
So in Karachi there are Haleem, Nahari, Biryani and wonderful tea stalls.

Lahore is a city of gardens while Karachi was a city of corpses in sacks.
If there is a traffic jam in Lahore, then there are anchorages at every chowk in Karachi.

If Lahore has Bhati, Lohari, Shah Alami, Mochi, Akbari, Zaki, Sheranwala, Kashmiri Masti, Delhi Roshanai, Taksali, Mori Darwaza, then Karachi’s two ports are heavy on all these names.
Because Karachi is the economic capital of Pakistan.

If there is Jinnah Garden in Lahore then there is Ibn Qasim Garden in Karachi.

pakistan historical place

If Lahore has a historical, commercial and cultural place
So Karachi is also the largest city of Pakistan and the industrial, commercial, educational, communication and economic center.

If the historical Taneba of Lahore dates back to the 6th century AD, then Alexander the Great has also settled in Karachi.

The famous 9th century tourist Al-Idrisi had named Lahore as Lahore while Karachi was also known as Mai Kulachi.

pakistan educational institutions.

If we talk about educational institutions.
If there is Punjab University in Lahore, then there is Karachi University in Karachi.
If there is Punjab University in Lahore, then there is Iqra University in Karachi.
Ashrafia University in Lahore and Al-Rasheed University in Karachi.

If Manzoor-ul-Islamia is in Lahore, then Darul Uloom Karachi is in Karachi.
If there is Jamia Naeemia in Lahore, then there is Darul Uloom Amjadia in Karachi.
If there is a College of Pharmacy in Lahore, then there is Dow University in Karachi.


pakistan economi

Now let’s compare economics.

If there is a stock exchange in Lahore, then Karachi Stock Exchange is one of the best stock exchanges in the world.
The major commercial centers in Lahore are MM Alam Road, Anarkali, Mall Road, Liberty Market, Akbari Mandi, Nolakha Bazaar, Packages Mall, Emporium Mall, Mall of Lahore, Hall Road and Ordo Bazaar Moon Market.

Karachi has II Chandrigarh Road, Saddar Empress Market, Sher Shah Kabaddi Market, Tariq Road, South Asia’s largest shopping mall Lucky One Mall, Dalman Mall, Hyperstar, Atrium Mall and Ocean Tower.

pakistan sports board karachi

If we compare in sports.

then in Lahore there are Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore Gymkhana Club, Hockey Stadium, Race Course Lahore Qalandars.
So Karachi has National Stadium Karachi Gymkhana and Karachi Kings.

pakistan health department

In terms of health,

Lahore has Shaukat Khanum, Doctors, Ittefaq, Jinnah Lady Aitchison Services, Shalamar, Sheikh Zayed, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Gulab Devi Hospital, Wapda Hospital.
Karachi has SIUT, NICVD, Jinnah Hospital, Civil Hospital, Benazir Trauma Center, Abbasi Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital, Liaquat National Hospital.

pakistan historical place

If we talk about recreational historical places.

in Lahore, Jinnah Bagh, Zoo, Baradari, Mahabat Khan Bagh, Sher Singh Baradari, Shalamar Bagh, Fatehgarh Bagh, Gulabi Bagh, Hazari Bagh, Minar e Pakistan, Jallo Park, Suzu Water Park in Lahore. Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Jilani Park, Model Town Park is a safari park.
So Karachi has Mazar-e-Quaid, Clifton Sea View, Hawks Bay, Manohra Allah Din Park, PAF Museum, Nisar Shaheed Park, Bagh Ibn Qasim Park, Bahria Theme Park, Karachi Zoo and People’s Square.
Friends, I hope you like the comparison of the two provincial capital cities.
Friends, the purpose of this comparison was not to demean any city as these two cities are playing an important role in the development of Pakistan.
The purpose of this article is to provide you with information. Just take care of yourself then with a new informational article.