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nadeem baig director

He came and he saw and he conquered.
This famous English phrase if an actor from the subcontinent fits perfectly
So he is only and only Nadeem
It is said that the world worships the rising sun.

That is, the process of reaching the heights of fame and popularity is a gradual process.
And man slowly goes on convincing himself,
And the stage reaches its climax, after which the return journey begins.

But Nadeem is the only actor from the subcontinent who has reached the highest peak of fame and popularity by crossing all the speed breakers in a single leap.

nadeem baig biography

Nadeem convinced himself in one fell swoop and is still standing on the highest peak.
For Nadeem, 2021 is the same as 1967.

This student of history says that Pakistan was divided into two parts and one taka became equal to two rupees of Pakistan.
Military dictators have enjoyed power in this country four times.
And the three-time Prime Minister of this country could not rule the hearts of the people as much as Raj Nadeem has done since the movie Chakori.

Today Nadeem stands on the highest tower of greatness and height.
Many people have been wishing to reach there but if anyone has reached this place at least in Pakistan then it is only Nadeem.

To reach this point, the artist must have a true love for his art and must meet the requirements for its expression.

It is said that love is not one-sided. Nadeem also has the love of millions of fans.

He is also not one-sided.

Breathe deeply every moment and make sure that my character is not disappointed in any way with any of the characters in any of my films.

Do not break their hearts.
No matter how much I have to work for it, no matter how much I have to sacrifice.
You know the answer to love is love.

nadeem baig movies

A long line of Nadeem’s successful films is an expression of the love that Nadeem has received from moviegoers.
People have been watching his films over and over again like crazy and thus these films have celebrated big jubilees.
Friends, you know that love is what makes you look unique.
Nadeem looks unique in each character.
Whether it is the character of a villager or an educated prince or an ordinary servant or a true lover,
No artificiality in Nadeem’s characters,

The reflection of truth has been prominent. Innocence has always been a feature of his face.
Among the forgotten innocent characters he has received the most acclaim. Perhaps these characters are his identity but it does not mean that he has been disliked in other characters.
He looks as fit in every character as a jewel is attached to a ring.

It is also a testament to the success of Nadeem’s 50-year career that today, after 50 years, the 25-year-old has been compelled to write about Nadeem.

Nadeem baig birthday

Real name
Mirza Nazir Baig Mughal

Movie name


Date of Birth
July 19, 1941

Place of birth
Madras India

Father’s name
Mirza Mahmood Baig Mughal

Grandfather’s name
Mirza Muhammad Baig Mughal

mother language

Educational Qualifications

Where studied

Gandhi ji High School Madras India
And Sindh Madrasa-ul-Islam and Islamia College Karachi Pakistan.

Five feet eight inches

eye color

Hair color
Dark brown

Wife name
Farzana Nazir

Date of birth of wife
February 8, 1950

wife birthplace
Dhaka Bangladesh

Wedding date
September 28, 1969

Wedding venue
Dhaka Bangladesh

Father-in-law’s name

Brother’s name
Qadeer Baig Mughal

nadeem baig son

Number of children
Two sons

Children’s names
Eldest son Farhan Baig younger son Faisal Baig

Nadeem’s eldest son Farhan Baig who runs his own production house

and lives in Karachi Defense.

Nadeem’s younger son Faisal Baig

who has graduated in music and is associated with music.

The first movie

History of the first film
May 19, 1967

Listening to music and photography

Favorite heroine
Shabnam and Babar Sharif

Favorite game
Cricket and badminton

Nadeem baig address

Bahria twon karachi

Nadeem baig career

Mirza Nadeem Baig has a film career of 40 years in which he acted in 211 films.

Nadeem’s first film Chakori was released in 1967.

And the last movie, Pehla Pehla pyar, was released in 2006.

Nadeem has also acted in nine drama series.

Nadeem Top 200 movies

ChkooriChoty Sahib
Sang DilChand and chandni
Tum mery hoMain khan manzil kahan
Behan BhaiQulli
AnilaDiya and Tofan
Fasana DilNazneen
AnarriShama and parwana
BaziJale na kyun parwana
SugaatChand Suraj
Parai AagAnsoo
Jalte Suraj k nechYChrag kahan roshni kahan
Aao pyar karenAngare
SuhagMann ki jeet
NadaanSehre k phool
Badal and bijliDaman and changari
SocietyTera gam rahy slamat
SAmajDo bdan
Dil lagiMatti k putle
Sawan aya tum nahi ayeIntizar
Phool mery Gulshan KaMiss happy