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bigo greedy 25

Friends, five months ago today I wrote an article
10 bigo greedy tips
Which benefited many brothers
Then people started talking about making a video and uploading it on YouTube.

for video click here

I made a video of Confirm Betts and uploaded it
Within three days the people benefited greatly

Three days because the video was only three days old,

there was a strike on YouTube

After that, I uploaded another video without caring about the strike
A month later, there was also a strike.

you tube strike on bigo greedy

Now I thought of writing an article in the form of a picture that would be easily understood by the people of each country.

Friends, I will repeat my point today
I will tell the newcomers to Bigo Grady that
Please do not waste your time and money on this game
There are fewer advantages and more disadvantages in this game.

And those who are already playing
I will tell them to make up for their loss like me
Then quit this game

Today’s article will cover all your losses
Read the whole article carefully and share it with others.

Let me tell you a gradient sequence first
Once you understand the sequence,

you will not quickly become zero.

And in the end, I will give some more tips
Those tips are only for those who play two bets.

bigo greedy pattern

Let’s get started
First of all, let me tell you about vegetables

How to pick tomatoes

Tomatoes often come after meats
Especially after burgers.

And if the carrots are hot, don’t leave out the tomatoes
And don’t leave a tomato even after two leaves.

How to pick a leaf

bigo greedy

You should not leave the leaf after the tomato
And even if you are at Hot 25, you will not leave the leaf.

How to pick corn.

bigo greedy

If you are in yellow color such as corn, burger, 25 ends then you should not leave corn.

How to pick carrot

If hit a state tomato with 45 hots,

you won’t miss a carrot with a burger hot,

And often carrots also come at the carrot hot.

45 How to pick

You see, if 45 doesn’t come out of 100 bets,

then if you hit a tomato after a burger, then you don’t leave 45.

And for the last 10 minutes of every hour, you don’t miss 45.

How to pick 25

When the yellow color is in the burger, corn end, for example
You don’t miss 25

And even after the carrot, you don’t leave 25.

How to lift a grill (BBQ)

Do not leave the GRILL (skewer) after two leaves

And when the skewers hit the leaves on the hot,

then the hot ones come on the carrots, don’t leave the skewers.
And often after a burger, the skewer has come.

How to pick burger

Every ten minutes the burger has come
Don’t skip burgers,

especially after tomato

And if the leaf hit the leaf hot
Don’t leave burgers at the burger hot.

Let me tell you more sequences
Which often runs
For example, one to one does a lot