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In today’s article, I’m going to be talking about different practice areas of law.

so I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends are either in law school or aspiring lawyers

still in high school or still in college and one thing that I realized
and this was me as well that as an aspiring lawyer

sometimes you don’t even know exactly what that entails

right like you know you want to be a lawyer,

attorney vs lawyer

but before you go to law school

before you get exposure to different types of law,
you kind of don’t really know all the types of law that

there is because you guys there are so many different types of law

so today I’m going to be touching on just a variety of different practice areas of law,
and by no means is this list comprehensive by no means
am I going to be able to go over every different type of law,

but I am just going to go through about 15 to 20 different types of law,
we’ll read how many I come up with.

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but I am just a disclaimer I’m not going to go into much detail because there are so

many and obviously I only tell you to know one type of law so I can’t write to everything

I just can give a general overview and if something clicks for you and that

feels like something you might want to do

then I encourage you all to go do your research on that type of law

and see if you can get exposure to it

and really understand what it is,

so when you go to law school or when you graduate you will know exactly,
what type of job that you are looking to get so like I said it’s a long list,
so I’m going to go through them quickly by no means am I claiming

to know everything about what these types of lawyers do

just trying to give you guys a general overview just in case something your interest

and you can go explore on your own so.

let’s jump right in so the first type of law,
I’m going to read about

of course, is a business corporate law

and obviously, if you guys have been on

my website (knowledge hub. blog)

you know that I practice transactional business

corporate law you know there are different names for it,
but essentially I practice transactional corporate law just like with all the

practice areas,

I’m going to talk about there is a multitude of subsections

under business law right,

but essentially corporate law relates to rules and regulations

for business entities,

so essentially corporate business lawyers assist

clients who are businesses with running the legal aspect of their business

like I said there are so many subsections

and you know you got your day-to-day general corporate work concerning

helping clients drive contracts, negotiate contracts, draft employment

agreements before their employees.

what I do is mergers in a position sell their company buy their company

buy assets of another company sell some assets of their company

there are so many routes you can go under business law right.

but if you’re the type of person who feels like you really don’t want to be in court,

you really don’t want to be drafting

motions and reading briefs and things like that you rather be,

you know helping businesses operate and advising businesses

you might want to look into you know business law,

okay all right so the next type of practice

bankruptcy law

so bankruptcy lawyers do exactly what it sounds like bankruptcy lawyers represent

clients as they’re navigating the

process of going through bankruptcy,

and this could be an individual or it could be a business as some of you may or may not

know bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which an individual or business is

basically unable to repay the debts that they owe to creditors so a bankruptcy

the court will help these businesses or individuals evaluate

their assets

and figure out how to repay their creditors,

so basically bankruptcy lawyers help with that I’ve actually had a little bit of

experience with bankruptcy law

just a tad I just helped on some due diligence and things like that and a

a couple of transactions throughout my career

definitely not for me but I will say that

bankruptcy lawyers come in handy in

times like this in times like (2008)

and you always need a good bankruptcy lawyer,

all right so this next one is huge just like business law civil litigation

when I say civil litigation that is such a broad category

so many different subsections or practice areas go under civil litigation

basically, the best way to describe civilly

litigation is court disputes that are not related to

you know criminal law,
so in civil litigation, you’re gonna have

the site of law between you know two or more parties where

one of our parties will be the plaintiff

and the other party

or parties will be the defendant,

so the plaintiffs

sue the defendant for some sort of injury or harm that they’ve alleged has been caused

by the defendant,

and they are suing for some sort of damage it’s usually money

and so like I said there are so many different types of law
under civil litigation just to name a few
Do you think of contract disputes

you know you think of landlord-tenant

issues you know if you’re trying to evict your tenant

or you know if somebody hits you with their car

or you guys got in a car accident and

you’re hurt and you want to sue them
so really

it really individuals or businesses suing each other

where no crime no actual crime is involved

all right
so the next type of attorney

is a civil rights attorney and honestly

they do just like it sounds they spend

their time advocating for people’s

civil rights in areas such as you know

human rights equality rights social justice cases of


you know gender discrimination race

discrimination as you guys know there

are laws put in place to

protect people no matter what you,
you know your race age

sex or anything like that is when a person’s civil rights have been violated

civil rights lawyers will come in and advocate for people

you know on the right,

so an example would be you know any kind of discrimination claim
say you have been you know

discriminated against because of your age you know ageism

civil rights lawyer will advocate on

your behalf because you’ve been discriminated against

because of your age, I definitely tip

my hat off to any civil rights lawyers.

because you are very much

needed and very much appreciated all right.

the next one is criminal law

so I feel like this is the type of law that most people are

familiar with just,
because it’s portrayed so much on tv

but when I think of criminals I think of

two different types of lawyers the first

would be

criminal lawyers who work for the government whether that be in the

the capacity of a prosecutor or a district attorney and those would

be the people that are charging criminals

with you know the crime and trying to get

you know justice for whatever victim and put people behind bars.

and the other type of government lawyer

would be the public defenders you know

everyone has a right to a lawyer if they can’t afford to get one on their own

and so those are the people who would

defend the people who are being charged with the crime.

the other type would be you know people

who work for themselves and they’re not associated with the government and

they’re just really criminal defense lawyers those are the people that

you know if you don’t want a public defender you want you to know

someone who you think will really advocate for your rights you go to them

to defend you for any crime you’ve been

charged with whether that be

you know murder robbery drug crime

do anything like that’s what you

would go to a criminal defense attorney for.

the other thing to mention about criminal law is a lot of criminals

defense lawyers

attorney for child custody

will niche down in the type of crimes

that they

defend there are people out there who only do murder cases they only defend people

who’s been charged with murder there’s

people out there who only do this like that is

their niche so some people will do a range of things

and some people will niche down to just

one type and like that become their thing.

all right the next type of lawyer

entertainment lawyer

which is funny

because I used to think I wanted to be

an entertainment lawyer until I realized

how much intellectual property law was

involved in that

and then I realized you probably need to

live in like California new york

and so yeah that dream quickly faded but

entertainment lawyers are

lawyers who assist people in the entertainment industry

think actresses singers, uh you know sports players and assist them with

legal matters you know about the

entertainment industry,

now entertainment lawyers can be transactional lawyers or

litigators or they can do both so on the

transactional side

Do you think negotiating and preparing

contracts uh you think helping with

marketing and branding deals you know

advertising deals things like that and obviously as a litigator you know

if you’ve been sued you know for

copyright or something like that obviously they will help you with that

as well one thing that I think is less

widely known when people think of

entertainment lawyers like outside of

the lawyer community

is intellectual property is a huge

component of being an entertainment lawyer you should know

your intellectual property law if you’re

going to be an entertainment lawyer

because entertainment lawyers will help

their clients with things like you know trademarks

copyright making sure that the client isn’t

infringing on someone else’s trademark

or someone else’s copyright and things like that,

so you think of singers and songs and

things that you like even on youtube like

one of the videos I had to take it

down and redo it because I was playing

Nipsey hustle in the background and as

soon as I uploaded it,

youtube notified me that somebody had claimed that that music was copyrighted

and you know if I were to keep it on my

the channel they could make money of it

if I would have made money off of it

they would be entitled to you know a piece of that money because

they own the music so I say all that to

say that intellectual property law is

really really important in the entertainment law

the industry so while we’re on intellectual property law we can just switch on to

you know a full-blown intellectual property lawyer

intellectual property law is similar to

most of the different types of law,

I’ve been talking about where intellectual

property lawyers can either go the transaction route

or the litigation route or they can do

both I feel like a lot of them do

question because it crosses over to you

know litigation

and transactional because intellectual

property lawyers are going to help

people and businesses protect their

brands you know you think of nikee you can’t

just you know to print a shirt with the Nike

sign on it because Nike has that


you know under intellectual property laws all right.

so next type of law is

family law

family lawyers are going to be the people who represent people in the family

related issues so you think

divorce child custody child support

alimony prenups you know those types of

things that’s what a family lawyer is going to help you do

and actually, I have a little

bit of experience with family law

In my 2l year, I did a spring internship

at a family law firm and it was interesting
I knew it wasn’t for me

because it was just too much drama

like the due diligence like

uh or whatever you call it on the

litigation side I think they call it doc review

and transactional side you call it due

diligence but reading through

you know text from the mom versus the dad

and you know you know two people trying

to get custody and so they’re trying to

bring out the worst of the

the other it just wasn’t my thing and

there’s actually a saying within the legal community like

if you practice family law you get the worst of people be like they’re on the

worst behavior than the ugliest because

you know it’s a really contentious space

where you know two people are getting

divorced they have kids

and both sides want custody neither size wants to pay

you know child support or whatever so

you just get the worst of people

and they say in criminal law you get the

best of people because people are on

their best behavior they’re putting

their best foot forward because they

don’t want to go to jail

so yeah I knew family law wasn’t for me

but there is sometimes some you know

some really juicy tea between people

but moving on to the next type of lawyer

I’m going to talk about is an

environmental lawyer

environmental lawyers basically work on

behalf of their clients to ensure that


related laws are being complied with so

when you think of the environment you


think of it like you know the clean water


protecting endangered species global

warming sustainability

you know uh dealing with waste and trash

and recycling and things like that

additionally, though there is there are

some environmental lawyers who I feel

like work in more of a

like the non-profit type of area where

they are advocating to enact and put

into place

laws and regulations that protect the

environment so those same issues but

the laws aren’t there yet to enforce

they’re trying to advocate to have these laws

put in place to protect the environment

all right the next type of law is labor

and employment law so labor and

employment law

relates to matters and issues you know

between employers and employees as you

guys know

so under labor employment issues you

know the compensation

discrimination sexual harassment if

they’re not giving your benefits

dealing with unions and things like that

essentially as an employment lawyer

you will either represent the employee

who feels like they’ve been wronged by

the employer like

say for example you know the CEO sexually

harassed someone and they want to sue

they or they’re not being paid overtime

you know by labor laws

you would represent the employee in

suing the employer and then you have

lawyers who work on behalf of the employer

so employers you know are defending

themselves from the claims against

employees because they’re not true so

the next type of law is a personal injury

law and honestly

personal injury falls under the civil litigation bucket because it is you know

one person suing another I thought it

made sense to touch on it a little bit


just because it’s such a big aspect of

law when you think of personal injury

you know think of those commercials

where you know

have you been hit by a truck or have you

been harmed by so-and-so so basically with personal injury

one party will sue another party because

they feel they have a claim because that


has injured them in some way whether

that be physically emotionally or

mentally yes it’s not just physical

you can sue somebody who caused you


or uh mental damage as well so when i

think of personal injury like the main ones I think of are car

accidents um slip and fall like in the grocery store

and wrongful death all right the next

the category is real estate law and I’ve

actually had some experience in real

estate law I’ve started my career doing

real estate law

and as an m a lawyer it’s a part of my

practice but I’m not a real estate lawyer

there are so many things that fall under

real estate first you got to separate

residential and commercial

residential deals more with you know

houses and commercials more with you

know business spaces

so but real estate basically involves

everything related to land

and property some of the types of things

real estate lawyers will do on the

transactional side

draft leases uh drop documents

drive contracts for people to purchase

or sell real estate

on the litigation side if there’s a

the matter between you know landlord-tenant

there’s a subsection of real estate

where they’re a real estate finance lawyer so they help with the lending

part of purchasing property so

all right next type of lawyer is a tax

lawyer a tax

a lawyer is obviously going to specialize

in tax law and you guys oh my god as a

transactional lawyer

tax lawyers are a gift from God they’re

so important to

transactions tax lawyers can represent

individuals or they can represent

companies i

when I work with tax lawyers it’s more

in a company space because obviously, I’m

a transactional

business lawyer but essentially tax

attorneys are going to assist

individuals and businesses

and coming up with ways to avoid or ease

their tax burden we all nobody wants to

pay taxes

um we all know the tax code is like a

cheat code and if you know the tax code

you can structure things

to ease your tax burden so a good tax

an attorney will help you do that

so some tax attorneys will also help

individuals who are in trouble with

their taxes you know with IRS and stuff

like that so

like I said there’s a variety of things

that tax lawyers do but one thing I do


is they’re super important all right the

The next type of lawyer is a banking and

finance lawyer and along with real

estate I did have experience with this

starting my career I don’t do much

lending work or anything like that


but I do get exposure to it just given

my general kind of corporate m

a practice a banking and finance lawyer

is going to assist lenders and borrowers

with you know arranging the whole

loan transaction lending process as with

every category that i mentioned there’s

so many subsections some of the things

that they might do is like

drop the actual loan agreement and

security agreement and just the loan

documents that go into a loan


when a bank is lending money to a person

or a company

you know there’s going to be a loan

agreement there’s going to be usually be

a security agreement there’s going to be

a bunch of ancillary documents you know


complete the whole lending transaction

and so

lending a banking and finance attorney

will help with that some banking and

finance attorneys also help banks with

compliance as you guys know you know

there’s a bunch of laws related to


and banks are held to certain standards

that they have to comply with

lost change banking and finance lawyers

will make sure that a bank’s policies

procedures practices documents are in

compliance with

banking and lending laws all right the

next type of attorney is an estate

planning attorney so an estate planning

attorney will assist clients with estate

planning matter they will help you plan

for things in instances where you know

you die or you can

become incapacitated they will help you

plan for that so

you know your money your assets

everything goes to the people that you

wanted to go

in the manner that you wanted to go they

will drive documents such as wheels

trusts powers of attorneys and other you

know estate planning related documents

like that

i feel like the most important role that

estate planning lawyers play

is they helped you figure out how to

distribute your assets

you know after death or when you become


in a tax advantaged way right everyone

knows that

the irs is coming for the coins you know

even if you die they’re gonna come for

your beneficiaries coins right so

okay so say you just leave a bunch of money

you leave millions of dollars

a million dollars worth of assets to your daughter

when you die well if you don’t have that structured

in a tax advantage way because you consulted with a good

estate planning attorney your daughter is gonna face some tax burdens for that

and so i think that’s probably the biggest edge they got is

they will help you distribute um your wealth

and your assets in a tax advantaged way

and even if you don’t have a bunch of

money it’s still important to work with the estate planning attorney

because if you no matter what you got if

it’s a little bit or a lot you want to make sure it goes to

you know who you want to go to and you

don’t want your family fighting and

things like that you know when you die

all right the last type of law i’m going

to talk about today

is immigration law immigration law of

course like everything has a wide range

of sub

practices but essentially immigration

lawyers are going to help people just

with that they’re going to help people

with attaining citizenship

attaining work visas attaining student

visas they’re going to help prevent

people from getting deported

and also they’re going to help employers

who are trying to hire people who aren’t

citizens and

and help um employers comply with the

laws related to that

because there is a process for that if

you are an employer and you’re hiring


there is a process for hiring people who

are not citizens you know at least here

in the united states so i feel like i

just said a mouthful and like i said i

try to go really short and really quick

so i can get through a lot of different

types of law

the purpose of this video was just to

give you a little bit of information


several types of practices of law just

in case something piques your interest

and you can go

chase and seek more information about that type of law

maybe try to get an internship maybe try

to you know have an informational session with someone who practices that type of law so you can

start thinking about what type of law

you want to do because i will tell you

if you’re not in law school yet and you

get to law school it’s not going to be

just some magic that clicks you’re going to have

to you’re going to have to talk to people

well for most people some people like i

know i want to be a litigator

but for a lot of people you you there’s

no way for you to know except to do your

research to talk to people who do it and to get experience.

so with that go do your research
i hope this article was helpful

if you made it all the way through that

means you did like the article so go ahead

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