How to write for a blog | How to write a blog to make money

SEO friendly article

Making money and encouraging people to make money has become a very hateful subject.

Whenever you talk, people consider it a reward to insult their mother and sister from behind the “Islamic” cloak.

Getting help, asking for help, expecting things for free is a routine thing.
This is called trust.

This “relief” thinking has left Pakistan in debt.

The desire for foreign aid and charity has mixed shame and disgrace in our mood.

May the servants of the universe follow this hadith of the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The upper hand is better than the lower hand.

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So friends how can you make money writing articles,
So learning is very important for that, so let’s go

Today I will tell you how to write a blog on WordPress,
And how to choose keywords.

And I will tell you the words of those who will be ranked very soon,

And I will tell you about keyword tools from which you can easily choose your keyword
And let me tell you something about SEO friendly post.

Most important things for SEO friendly post

No 1. low difficulty keywords
NO 2. Hadding H2 H3 H4 H5 tags
No 3 .Metta discruption
NO 4. post related Tags
NO 5. internal and external links
NO 6 .copyright free picture use
NO 7. Alt text on picture
No 8. Bold important words
NO 9. schema tag
No 10. category select.

Keywords search tools

No 1. similarweb
No 2. ubersuggest
NO 3. Ahrefs
No 4. semrush
No 5. Google trends
No 6. yt tag keywords planner