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France history 1800s

Now that Kingdom of Spain not had a royal house monarch,
they wanted to retake lands that they had lost within the accord metropolis,

and France truly joined the AN alliance against the Kingdom of Spain and their

fellow Bourbon monarch.

The Spanish were resolutely defeated, and the Kingdom of Spain was not the good

Power it once was.

Yet another war of succession skint out,

this time in Polandthough little or no of the

fighting truly materialized in Poland,


was primarily fought between France and European countries,

and their severally allies.

The Austrian backed national leader III took the throne, but French

backed Stanisław was created Duke of French region,
which would be hereditary by France on his death.

France yet again was at war with a European country,
this time the Austrians themselves had a succession crisis.

Charles VI was the last male of the Habsburg House.

 to make sure the inheritance of their land,

they passed the imperial decree in 1713,

 permitting daughters to inherit their vast possessions.

 whereas most at the start accepted this, 

once Maria Mother Theresa ascended to the throne in 1740,

a war ensued between all major European

The French LED the alliance against Maria, in favor of the new Holy Emperor of Rome,
Charles VII, price-elector of state.

After 7 years of war, Maria with success defended
her royal house inheritance.

Speaking of wars that lasted seven years,
there was additionally the Seven Years’ War in 1756…

which lasted seven years.

This war was strange though as a result of the alliance from the last war utterly flipped. 

long rival European country
was truly allied with France,

with the British and Prussians allied with one another.

The Seven Years’ War was a really international conflict The war has even been represented by some as “World War Zero”.

Although some minor skirmishes happened in North America between the French and British colonies,

the war very took off between Austria and the geographic region over Silesia.

Unfortunately for the French, the war was lost,

France history after napoleon

and United Kingdom became the superior colonial

power, as France was forced to cede the bulk
of its colonial possessions to the United Kingdom and Spain.

Although the British people won the war, it absolutely was financially
devastating for them.

 the rise in taxes on the colonial subjects shortly became one of all
the factors that LED to the American Revolution.

Keen for revenge against the United Kingdom,

France was more than happy to assist.

For centuries France had been dominated by a political
and structure referred to as the regime,

in which the ability was targeted with the wealthy and privileged.

The folks were divided into 3 states:

the priesthood, nobility,
and… everybody else.

 the primary 2 states

made up concerning three-dimensional of the population, and had
huge tax exemptions, with the commons

paying most of the taxes.

Taxes that had increased because of their support of the Yankee Revolution.

The age of enlightenment caused many of us to question the King’s right to rule,

the Church’s influence in politics, and the
entire nature of the hierarchical data structure

of French society.

Attempting to unravel the country’s money

the King gathered the States-General,

the king’s consultatory body (which hadn’t
met since 1614) that consisted of representatives from all 3 states.

Disagreements but caused the commons to depart and kind

their own government,

declaring themselves the National Assembly,

and vowed to not provide up till France had a constitution.

Shortly after, the king unemployed his financial minister, Jacques lover, which

causes riots in Paris and 3 days later,
the Storming of the slammer.

In August of 1789, social organization was abolished,
and the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the national.

The king, starting toworry for his life,

attempted to escape the country, however, was discovered and captured.

This incensed the folks and a petition drive to depose the king was organized, however, things got out of hand, and
50 folks were shot dead because the revolutionaries began to separate into varied factions.

Austria and the geographic region vowed to assist the king by invasive France,

if his life was vulnerable.

So France simply went ahead and invaded European countries,

because why not.

In 1792, the autocracy was abolished and France was declared a republic.

 King of France was found guilty of treason and was dead by guillotine.

This is once things took a flip for the more serious,
when the unconventional revolutionaries

(known as Jacobins)

 confiscate power and commenced to execute
just about anybody in the amount referred to as The Terror,

 LED by the ironically named Committee
of Public Safety, headed by Maximilien revolutionist.

method of dechristianization began,

even creating a replacement calendar, and new days of the week.

This LED to counter-revolutions and
eventually, on the ninth of Revolutionary calendar month Year II,

Robespierre was denounced by his own folks,
and later he was dead, ending the Reign of Terror.

Outside of France, the French army was truly
having nice success despite an oversized coalition

of nations fighting against them, largely
due to the leadership of a definite military commander referred to Bonaparte.

Napoleon went on to require management of France
by a takeover, declaring himself initial Consul of France.

The French Revolutionwantedto prevent one man from having absolute power, however that they had effectively

just swapped one for one more.

Napoleon’s rule of France was pretty much a military despotism,

he was a king altogether however name. 

five years when seizing power, Napoleon assumed the imperial title, being topped Emperor of France.

During his rule, he was nearly perpetually
at war with most of Europe, as no but

seven coalitions shaped against him, as the
various monarchies of Europe fought to safeguard

the establishment.

Napoleon was at the start unbelievably winning,
and for a protracted time, unbeaten in battle.


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