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The country of Afghanistan,

officially known as:
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has captured

news headlines all over the world. But there’s so much 
more to Afghanistan than all the negative things  

that make the news headlines.

What’s happening 

And now, we’re 
about to read 10 surprising and interesting  

facts about Afghanistan.

So let’s. I 
mean, the country is filled with a lot of amazing  

things, and I want to highlight that for you guys. 
Now the first thing to look at is the landlocked  

Afghanistan Kabul explosion

country of Afghanistan shares its borders with 
Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran,  

and Uzbekistan, and has a huge population of 38.2 
million people, making it the 37th most populated  

country in the world. Now the people who make up 
Afghanistan, they’re called Afghans not Afghanis –

which is the currency that they use and it’s 
a common mistake that people make. The next  

Afghanistan land area

thing is that the country of Afghanistan 
is the world’s 42nd largest by land area,  

with Kabul serving as its capital and largest 

The total land area is 652,860 square  


And, human habitation in Afghanistan 
dates back to the Middle Paleolithic era and  

the country’s strategic location along The Silk 
Road, connected it to cultures of the Middle East  

as well as other parts of Asia.

national game is Buzkashi which literally  

translates to goat-pulling, and they want this to 
be an Olympic sport.

Good luck with that because  

it’s regarded as the wildest sport game out there. 
It involves placing the carcass of a goat, a calf, 

or sheep placed in the center of a circle which 
is surrounded by players of two teams who are on  


The objective of the game is to pick 
up the carcass and bring it across a goal line  

or into the winner’s circle.

The game has been 
played since the 13th century and used to be  

played earlier by rich rival warlords.

Afghanistan Kabul airport

But, it’s 
now being financed by Afghan phone companies  

as well as private Airlines. Also, carpet weaving 
has always been an integral part of the Afghan  

heritage for centuries with ethnic diversity drawn 
from other cultures like Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan,  

Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

The Afghan rugs are an 
extremely popular Afghanistan export.

In 2008,  

2013, and 2014, Afghan rugs won international 
awards which is held every year in Hamburg,  


Most Afghan weavers today make rugs that 
are about the same as those that have been woven  

for decades.

And as a testament to the meticulous 
nature of this art, it approximately takes six to  

nine months to weave one large Afghan carpet. 
Many reports also state that only 28.1%  

of the population above the 
age of fifteen is literate in Afghanistan, which  

means 71.9% of adults in the 
country do not have simple reading and writing  


And hopefully that continues to change 
over the years, because the more educated you are,  

of course, the more power to you.

It’s also 
the land of Opium. Opium is the largest and  

fastest growing produce in Afghanistan. Afghanistan 
Opium poppy production goes into more than 90% of  

Heroin worldwide.

Afghanistan has been the world’s 
greatest illicit Opium producer, and in 2017, Opium  

cultivation in Afghanistan reached a record high.

fact that the Opium poppy cultivation continues to  

expand in Afghanistan is not surprising. I mean, the 
country’s economy has been in a deep slump since  

2013 when the United States and NATO radically 
drew down their troop presence around which much  

of Afghanistan’s economy was built after 2002. Now, 
the bottom line is that there is simply nothing  

in Afghanistan that produces more jobs than 
the Opium poppy economy.

And there’s nothing  

else that would surpass it in the foreseeable 

Another interesting fact is that the  

world’s first oil paintings were not drawn in the 
Renaissance Europe, contrary to popular belief but,  

in the Caves of Bamiyan located in the central 
heartland of Afghanistan around 650 BC.

In 2008,  

scientists discovered oil paintings in 12 out of 50 
caves in Bamiyan possibly made with walnut or  

poppy. Bamiyan was once a thriving Buddhist center 
where monks lived in a series of caves carved into  

the cliffs by the two statues.

This was a spot 
where the world’s two largest standing Buddha  

statues once stood until the Taliban destroyed 
them in 2001, seeing that the statues were on  


Poetry is also a very important part in 
Afghan culture for thousands of years, Afghans have  

told their tales in the form of verses.

In the 
western side of Herat, Thursday is a poetry  


Every Thursday, people from all across the 
city get together to share verses from old and  

new poetry.

And they get together with desserts 
and sweet tea, and bond over poetry.

That sounds  

pretty awesome! kind of like my kind of thing. I 
love just chill vibes, poetry, spoken word, you know  

what I mean? I might enjoy it over in Afghanistan!
The next thing I want to talk about is the kandahar

Airfield, situated in southern Afghanistan, is known 
to be the world’s single busiest runway airstrip.  

It is also the location where NATO has its first 
full air traffic facility in a country not listed  

in NATO.

And the final fact about Afghanistan, is 
that Afghanistan became independent on August 19th  

of 1919, and they fought three wars with Britain, 
after which, they declared themselves independent.  

WooHoo! Now interestingly, they were never directly 
ruled by the British. However, like every other  

country in South Asia, their foreign affairs 
were heavily influenced by the United Kingdom.  

Nicknamed the Graveyard of Empires, Afghanistan 
has had a reputation for being unconquerable,

and for undoing ambitious military ventures, and 
humiliating would-be conquerors.

The Soviets also  

tried to invade Afghanistan but they were forced 

Afghans did not give in so easily. So, that was  

a brief look at the country of Afghanistan let me 
know all of your thoughts and comments down below  

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