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History of islamabad pakistan

Islamabad Capital Territory, settled on the Pothohar tableland of the northern geographic area region, is taken into account one in all the earliest sites of human settlement in Asia.

a number of the earliest Stone Age artefacts within the world are found on the tableland, qualitative analysis from one hundred,000 to 500,000 years agone.

Rudimentary stones recovered from the terraces of the Swaan watercourse testify to the endeavours of early man within the inter-glacial amount.

things of pottery and utensils qualitative analysis back to prehistoric culture are found.

Excavations by Dr.
Abdul Ghafoor Lone reveal proof of a period within the space.
Relics and human skulls are found qualitative analysis back to 5000 BCE that indicate the region was home to Neolithic peoples World Health Organization settled on the banks of the Swaan watercourse,
and World Health Organization later developed tiny communities within the region around 3000 BCE.

The Indus vale Civilization flourished within the region between the twenty third and eighteenth centuries BCE.

Later the realm was AN early settlement of the Aryan community that migrated into the region from Central Asia.

several nice armies like those of Zahiruddin Babur, Jinghis Khan, Taimur and Ahmad sovereign Durrani crossed the region throughout their invasions of the Indian landmass.

In 2015–16, the department of the federal government of anthropology and Museums, with the funding of National Fund for Cultural Heritage, allotted initial archeological excavations during which unearthed the remains of a Buddhist stupa at Ban Faqiran, close to the sovereign Supreme Being Ditta caves,
that was dated to the ordinal to the fifth century BCE.

Islamabad international airport
is the main international airfield serving the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan space and its suburbs. it’s engineered twenty metric linear unit west of the dual cities close to the Srinagar route and freeway Interchange.

The airfield commenced full operations on three could 2018,
exchange the defunct Benazir Bhutto International airfield that currently forms a part of the PAF Base Nur Khan.

it’s one in every of the most important airports in Asian nation in terms of rider capability, capable of serving nine million passengers per annum in its 1st part.

additional planned expansions can permit it to cater to twenty five million passengers a year. The terminal includes fifteen gates with 10 remote gates, exempt outlets, a food court and forty two immigration counters.

in addition, Asian nation Civil Aviation Authority is effort a pair of,833 acres (11.46 km / 4.42 sq mi) of land to create a 3rd runway at the airfield. moreover, it’s the primary and solely airfield in Asian nation capable of handling the airliner A380.

A tube road track has been engineered to attach the airfield with capital of Pakistan for commuters, expected to be operational throughout the half of 2020.

The decide to construct a replacement airfield was declared in Jan 2005 by the Asian nation Civil Aviation Authority.

A land of three,242 acres (1,312 ha) land was noninheritable at the value of Rs a pair of.5 billion in Gregorian calendar month 2005 close to Ranjha, Fateh Jang in Attock District.

The construction of a replacement airfield was planned in response to increasing traffic and rider hundreds at the prevailing Benazir Bhutto International airfield.

it absolutely was calculable that the amount of riders at the previous airfield was growing by fourteen p.c annually compared to the national air passenger rate of but four p.c, creating it the second busiest airfield within the country at the time. Therefore, a website} in Attock district was selected because the site for the development of a replacement airfield simply many kilometers from the capital of Pakistan interchange on M-1/M-2 motorways. the muse stone of the project was set by former President Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on seven Gregorian calendar month 2007.

It was a project of the Asian nation Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) and DEsigned by French company Aéroports de Paris Ingenierie (ADPi) and CPG Corporation of Singapore. the full project was supported by PCAA on its own.
it’s engineered on quite three,200 acres of land and consists of a rider terminal building, 2 runways, taxiways, and apron and parking bays for twin-aisle airplane. there’s conjointly a shipment terminal, traffic management complicated, fuel farm, likewise as a hearth, crash, and rescue facility. the positioning of the airfield is close to Fateh Jang Attock, some twenty metric linear unit from zero, capital of Pakistan and twenty three metric linear unit from Saddar, Rawalpindi.

The airfield was developed to air par with international standards to function a serious hub for all aviation activities in Asian nation.

The PCAA asked a team of British architects to style the new airfield. PCAA signed AN agreement with the Louis Berger cluster within the America in association with Pakistani business firm GT AASR, to undertake project management services.

On one could 2018, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi formally inaugurated the new airfield.

This was followed up with the airfield commencing full business flight operations on three could 2018 and so exchange the previous airfield.

On eight July 2018, the primary airliner A380 landed in capital of Pakistan, inbound as Emirates flight EK-2524 from urban center International airfield. This was the primary time AN airliner A380 had landed in Asian nation.

islamabad postal code

Area Name Postal code Name State Name

ALI PUR FRASH 45600 Islamabad Federal Capital

BAGNIAL 45240 Islamabad Federal Capital

BARA KAU 45400 Islamabad Federal Capital

CHIRAH 45680 Islamabad Federal Capital

GOLRA 45200 Islamabad Federal Capital

HERDOGHER 45800 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD AIWAN-E-SADDAR 44040 Islamabad Federal Capital


ISLAMABAD B-BLOCK PAK SECTT. 44020 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD CABINET BLOCK 44030 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD E-9 (AIR HQ) 44230 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD F-7 MARKAZ 44210 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD F-8 MARKAZ 44220 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD FEDERAL BOARD 44320 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD G.P.O 44000 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD G-10 MARKAZ 44100 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD G-5 FOREIGN OFFICE 44050 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD G-8/MARKAZ 44080 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD G-9/MARKAZ 44090 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD HAJJ COMPLEX 45210 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD I-10/MARKAZ 44800 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD I-8/4 44790 Islamabad Federal Capital


ISLAMABAD PRIMR MINISTER SECTT. 44010 Islamabad Federal Capital

ISLAMABAD QUIAID-E-AZAM UNIVERSITY 45320 Islamabad Federal Capital

KURI 45570 Islamabad Federal Capital

LOHI BHER 45710 Islamabad Federal Capital

MARA JAFFAR 45250 Islamabad Federal Capital

MODEL TOWN HUMAK 45700 Islamabad Federal Capital

NILORE 45650 Islamabad Federal Capital

NOORPUR SHAHAN 45300 Islamabad Federal Capital

PAKISTAN TOWN (KORANG TOWN) 45720 Islamabad Federal Capital

RAWAL TOWN 45510 Islamabad Federal Capital

REWAT 45900 Islamabad Federal Capital

SHAH ALLAH DITTA 45220 Islamabad Federal Capital

SIHALA 45750 Islamabad Federal Capital

SOHAN 45740 Islamabad Federal Capital

TARLAI KALAN 45550 Islamabad Federal Capital

TARNOL 45230 Islamabad Federal Capital

islamabad population

Population in City Area, 2019-09-05
Population in Urban Area, now

islamabad american embassy

U.S. Embassy Islamabad
Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5
Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone: (+92) 051-201-4000
Fax: (+92) 51-2338071

islamabad blue area

Blue space is that the central city district of national capital, Pakistan on the solon Avenue.

the world could be a 2-kilometer (1.2 mi)-long passageway on Islamabad’s Khayaban-e-Quaid-e-Azam (also called solon Avenue), Islamabad’s primary main road that leads up to the most government buildings.

it’s characterised by clean, wide roads and tall buildings among
the bird’s-eye leaf of the adjacent areas.

islamabad club

Information Desk: # 051-9046191, 051-8447191

Room Reservation: # 051-9046244, 051-9046228, 051-8447244, 051-8447228
Events Reservation: # 051-9046224, 051-9046225, 051-8447224, 051-8447225

Auditorium Reservation: # 051-9046351, 051-8447351
Take Away: # 051-9046226 / 230, 051-8447226 / 230
Pan-Asian Restaurant at Riding: # 051-8435650
Polo Snack Bar: # 051-8892578
Billing Desk: # 051-9046164 / 165, 051-8447164 / 165
Secretary/Admin Office: # 051-9046134, 051-8447134
Golf Reception # 051-9046268
Polo Reception #051-8486666 / 0335-9897166
In-house Facilities
Library: # 051-9046229, 051-8447229
Business Center: # 051-9046227, 051-8447227
Pastry Shop: # 051-9046241, 051-8447241
Laundry Shop # 051-9046242, 8447242
Operator: # 051-9046000, 051-8447000
Fax: # 051-9223629

Islamabad definition

If we look at the words, they are two different words Islam and Abad Islam because it is a Muslim country
and a place for Muslims to live.

Islamabad famous places

Faisal mosque , Margalla hills, Daman-e-koh,pakistan monument.

islamabad food

  1. Monal Islamabad
  2. Kabul Restaurant
  3. Savour Foods
  4. Chaaye Khana
  5. Des Pardes Restaurant