13 Tips for success | success criteria

succession / succession

today i tell you 13 tips for success and success criteria

  1. There is no greater slip than skill and education.
    If you do not belong to a big business or landed family then only education and skills can make you prosperous. Education means knowledge and skills, not degrees.
  2. Success is the result of a process.
    Process is like farming. That is, prepare the ground first. Then sow. Add water and fertilizer. Protect yourself from unpleasant factors and then enjoy the result.
  3. A person who wants immediate results can never be happy.
    “Overnight” successes involve decades of blood and sweat. Learn to control your emotions. Nothing is found ahead of time.
  4. The greatest art and craft in the world is to “convince” people. He who learns this skill is successful in all walks of life.
  5. Your greatest asset is your positive mindset.
  6. Only a positive thinker sows the seed and waits for the result.
  7. Your friends and influencers affect your future. A good friend means a good future. I have always been very careful in choosing friends.
  8. Never fight a free man in life.
    Always choose your battle wisely. I once stabbed a retired and unemployed man and he humiliated me in the courts for twelve years. I lost my life after his death.

Never fight a slave who has nothing to lose. He is a walking suicide bomber. He will die and drown you too.

8- Poverty is a curse. It is the enemy of faith and glory. Prosperity is a great blessing of Allah Almighty. I have always prayed to Allah Almighty for prosperity. Always do the things that bring prosperity. Become a master of syllabus so that you can pay Zakat. “The upper hand is better than the lower hand.” Be the upper hand.

9- Don’t make yourself a common highway so that whoever wants to climb on you including shoes.
Protect yourself like a precious pearl.
Enable yourself that people have to try to take your time.

10- In a house where there is civil war all the time, the provision begins to run out.
Do your best for peace and tranquility at home.
To bring peace, if one and a half slaves have to be blocked from home or life, do it.

11- Always keep your expenses below your income. Get in the habit of saving. Stay away from credit card and other interest curses. Invest in savings. Money is the best friend in bad times.

  1. If you have only one source of income, you are only one step away from the crisis. A single shock or a single mood can get you into a financial crisis. Create multiple sources of family income.

13- Give charity in both poverty and prosperity. Charity is a business deal with Allah Almighty. In this deal, there is always profit.