Breakfast in Gujranwala | Best breakfast point in Gujranwala

Gujranwala famous breakfast | Gujranwala breakfast

Today I write about Gujranwala Best breakfast points.

You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

As well as diet, meal times are very important.

A wise man says to have breakfast like a king
And eat lunch like a prince
And eat dinner like the poor.

It was my turn to write this article because
I travel almost all over the country I have not found a better breakfast anywhere than Gujranwala.

So I thought of writing about Gujranwala’s famous breakfast point

No 1- Gujranwala settelite Town best restaurant

Haji Abdul Ghani Amritsari siri paye

Address : settelite Town market road block-C Gujranwala Punjab Pakistan.

Phone Number : +923006457643


No-2 Gujranwala Guru Nanakpura best breakfast point

Ghani paya


No-3 Mushtaq Dessi Murag

Address Guru Nanakpura food street nearby Ghenta Ghar Gujranwala


No- 4 Hafiz khoye mutton wale chany

Address Gujranwala food street Guru nanakpura near Madrassa Nusrat ul uloom Gujranwala


No- 5 Suleman sweets breakfast point

Address Main road near General bus stand Model twon Gujranwala

Phone Number +92333 8112161


No-6 Bombay halwa Puri Gujranwala

Address Garjakhi darwaza Bazar street


No-7 Geo chane Gujranwala

Address Gujranwala food street Guru nanakpura


No-8 Jalandhar sweets and breakfast point

Address Rail bazaar Gujranwala


No- 9 Khyber hotel Gujranwala

Address nearby Gujranwala General bus stand


No-10 Sadiq chane wala Gujranwala

Address Guru nanakpura food street Gujranwala

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