in this article i tell you about 20 best restaurant in Gujranwala first highlights

Top 20 restaurant in Gujranwala

Now read in detail .

Khizar Tikka shop

Khizer Tikka Shop started its journey sine 1990 with a very small shop and now It is a finest contemporary restaurant serving authentic Pakistan cuisine.

Khizer Tikka Shop’s selective mix of flavors combines traditional style barbeque with exclusive ingredients and preparation techniques giving our delicacies a flavor of their own, allowing you to relish the feeling of a feast with our BBQs that are served straight from the grills….


Mutton BBQ, Chicken karahi, Mutton steam roast, BBQ ribs and chicken, and more…..


Noumania chowk Gondalanwala road Gujranwala…

Phone Number

+92-3016675156 ..


Shahbaz Tikka


Chirra plate BBQ , chops, Batair karahi, Mutton karahi, Chicken leg, Chirra tikka

and much more…


Branch 1: Thanay wala bazar Gujranwala

Branch 2: Chanda Qila GT road Gujranwala.

Phone Number.

(055) 111 787 111.


Marian Hotel and guest House


everything is available.


Attawa GT road Gujranwala.




Akbar tikka shop


islamia college road Gujranwala ..


Beef Tikka, BBQ wings, Tandoori mixed grill platter, cheese kabab…


phon number

+92308-6080901 .


Bhatti restaurant Gujranwala

Address .

Old Town rail bazaar Gujranwala.


Mutton masala, mutton machli, korma, Tandoori  roti .

Phone Number



Karachi Bar B Q


Main markeet Model twon prade square Gujranwala .


Garlic naan ,BBQ chicken, Grilled fish,  mutton karahi.

Phone Number

+92312-2211029 .


Nirala Hotel


G T road Krishna Nagar Gujranwala.


Maghaz machli, Mint chopri paratha, mutton qeema in desi ghee, Hafiz Golgapy ,

Phone Number

+92321 6421213

Punjab Tandori Tikka

address; College road Gujranwala.

Hayatia Tikka

address; Bakhte wala .

Mandi House

address; Attawa

Prime shinwari

address; kangni wala .

Mughal mahal

address; chanda qila.

Zahoori TAKA TAK

Gujranwala Lari Adda.

Chughtai Taka Tak

address; Baghban pura .

Shellton hotel

address; Lari adda .

Usmania hotel

address ; Bus stop.

Riaz Hotel

address ; model town Gujranwala .

Suleman sweets and Restaurant

address; model town Lari adda.

Contact# 0333 8112161

spin gar shinwari

address; wazir abad .

fry master

Address; Liberty Plaza، Sialkot Rd, Block B Civil Lines, Gujranwala,

Contact# 055) 3251322


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