tody i tell you ant types and some wonders

When Hazrat Sulaiman(a.s) passes by a burrow of ants,

an ant says
Enter into your burrows, O ants, lest the army of Solomon slay you.
Allah Almighty drew our attention to this innumerable insects by mentioning ants.

Let’s consider the actions of this ant.

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The lion is called the king of animals because of his physical strength.

But if the king had been chosen on the basis of wisdom, the ant would have been king.

Ants are very intelligent, form groups, accumulate stocks, perform the duties of architect, weaver, farmer, soldier, farmer, and slave, very wisely.

There are four types of ants in herbs: country, queen, laborer and soldier.
The laborers are more numerous and the soldiers are physically larger.

The country and the queen are on each side and the queen is thicker than the king.

The four jaws, intestines, and a small sting in the tail of each ant, except the senses.
There is a bag of poison nearby and two holes for breathing in the sides.

The air enters through these holes and goes into the innumerable ducts.

The web of these ducts is spread in the body of the ant like veins in a leaf.

The ant’s house is 15 to 20 feet deep, and inside it is a marvel of architecture.
Downstairs, some of the rooms look like an upstairs gallery, and meetings and consultation halls are built on clay pillars.

Inspired by the ant’s craftsmanship.
Hazrat Sulaiman had told a man to go to the ant, study his deeds and become wise.

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Goethe, the country of poets in Germany.
He says that hard work, patience and perseverance complete humanity.

And these three attributes are found in the ant to some extent.

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Production and training process.

The queen lays eggs here and there in the bill.
The workers collect the eggs and put them in a safe corner.

Midwives are assigned to their training.
And when the babies come out, they are initially fed digested food.
She puts these children in a row according to their age.
She slaps and bathes them.

If an enemy attacks the bill, they are collected and taken to a safe place.

And if they get wet in the rain, they take them out in the sun and dry them.



Ants smell some grains near the burrow.
When the crop is ripe, they are picked up and taken to the bills.
They extract the sap from some plants.
Some drink and the rest fill the bodies of some dead ants which they use when needed.

Free food.

The country and the queen are both very lazy and luxurious.
If other ants do not bring them food.
So never try to find food.
And die of hunger.
Soldier ants live on their prey.
They are in the habit of resembling the savages of Africa who are always ready for war.
And the search for food does not help anyone.

Ants catch aphids.
They train it with a chemical process.
Even the nipples that are on her breasts start to flow milk which she drinks with great pleasure.
When aphids lay eggs, ants also breed them.

Some small insects can be seen roaming near the ants’ burrows.
Ants play with them like we play with cats.

ant facts

No. 1 – There are more than a thousand species of ants.

Number two – ants are seven years old.

Number three – if ants of different bills get caught somewhere in the flood.
So herbal ants recognize their companions by sniffing them and pick them up and walk home.

No. 4 – Ants catch some other insects and leave the adults after consultation.
And keep the kids because the kids can fit into any mold and stay rebellious to the very end.

Number five – ants break off the leaves of some trees and then soak them and lay them on the floor of the house.

No. 6 – An ant can lift three hundred times its weight.
If a person does this, he can carry a load of 450 pounds.

No. 7- If an ant is injured, the other ant immediately turns its saliva into a thread by some chemical process and sews the wound with it.
Number 8: The eye of an ant is actually a collection of two hundred eyes.
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