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Today I tell you about camel wonders and camel joe.

Ten wonders of the camel,

Number one 1 Allah Almighty gave the camel round feet so that it could walk easily in the deserts,

No. 2

Give long legs so that the journey can be completed quickly.

That is why it is also called the plane of the desert.


Number 3

gave a long neck so that it could easily get food from the ground and trees.

Number 4

he accumulated enough water and fat in the elbow to remain dehydrated for four weeks.

No. 5

If the owner of a camel becomes insatiable, then drink camel’s milk.

No. 6

The camel’s diet made all the wild plants and trees that other animals usually do not even touch.

No. 7

gave the camel a hard mouth so that it could eat cactus etc. in the forest.

No. 8

gave strength to carry very heavy loads.

And he made a place for the owner of the camel near Kohan so that the owner of the camel would not have to walk.

Number 9

was made obedient and submissive so that the owner of the camel could truly benefit from the camel.

number 10

camel, once it sees the path, remembers it for years.
Even if all traces of the path are erased.

They are drawn to the wonders of the nut.
Don’t see how the camel was made? (Ghashia 17)