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Today i tell you about peoples square Karachi and famous places of Karachi

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Please note this people’s square in Karachi .

Today, the PPP has been ruling Sindh province for 13 years.

We listen to different TV programs.


That the PPP only eats and does not plant.

So today I came out in the same search,

I thought that those plans of the PPP should be brought before the people.


Which have been worked on. So I am a resident of Karachi Saddar.

I got a big plan for the President. Which started in the previous PPP government.

And just completed in August 2020.

Named People’s Square.

With this plan, the PPP killed three people with one arrow.

Number one

public recreation area.

Number Two


No. 3 Three

Parking Area.

Where three and a half hundred vehicles can be parked at a time.

And I see about two thousand people having fun here every day.

After that, I will write articles on various other projects that the PPP has completed or is working on, in which the health sector has done a great job.

There are police reforms, And there are roads etc.,

especially the roads in Sindh.

Two days ago I went on a tour of Tharparkar.

Where there are carpet roads in the villages and we hear in the news That There is no water in Tharparkar.

Believe me, the PPP has delivered water to various places in Thar Parkar.

There is a turbine on the solar system. I will write a separate article on this.

I have made a lot of videos that you will find the link to.

You can watch the video by clicking on this link.

Friends, this project of the Sindh government seems to have two main roads.

A road from Pakistan Chowk to the Sindh Assembly. This is called a stretch road.

And the other road from DJ Science College to Shaheen Complex, there is a gate on this side too. Watch this video and you will easily understand from the video.

After watching this video, you will be forced to pay tribute to the PPP You can watch this video. and then see you in another article.