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The capital of Canada is Ottawa.
And the largest city in the country is Oslo.
Which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic Ocean.

It is a country in North America.
Canada’s land borders are with the United States to the south and northwest.
Canada’s system of government is a federal constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

Queen Elizabeth II serves as the Head of State of Canada.

And the current Prime Minister of the country is Justin Trudeau.

The Prime Minister of Canada also previously worked as a snowboarder in a nightclub.

To be successful in Canada, you must work hard and be loyal to the country.

The area of ​​Canada is 99.84 million 670 square kilometers.

Which is the second largest country in the world after Russia in terms of area.

The total population of Canada is 37,660,000.

The average population of Canada is 3.5 people per square kilometer
Which is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Three-quarters of Canada’s population lives within 160 kilometers of the border with the United States.

English and French are the official languages ​​in Canada.
Non-official languages ​​are also important.

And they have more than five million speakers.
These include Chinese, Italian, German, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi.

Canada’s economy is heavily dependent on its natural resources and trade, especially with the United States.

Canada has a long-term partnership with the United States.

Canada is the strongest economy in the world with 53% of GDP.
And Canada’s per capita income is ہزار 48,466 a year.

Which ranks 15th in the world.

Only four people live in Canada’s smallest town.

If you look at the history of Canada, archaeological research has found evidence of a human population in the northern region and in the southern region of Ontario 25,000 years ago.
The place was settled in 1000 AD.

After that, the one who controlled his life in 1497.

And Martin Froebacher The first regular European settlement from Britain began in 1576. The French settled in Mobile on May 25 and the British settlement in the city began in 1908. In Newfoundland there was a hundred and ninety British and French kilograms for most of the seventeenth century. Lived in isolation from each other.

The cause of the war between the French and the British was with the French colony of New France, which was later divided into two British colonies.
After 160 years of accession, Canada was given the status of not one but two colonies.
Named the Government of Canada since 1927.

Canada gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1982.

With the approval of Queen Elizabeth II in Canada on April 17, 1982, it separated its constitution from the British Constitution.

And it was given the status of an independent state.
Although the two countries still share common symbols under the monarchy.
Similarly, in 1982, it was renamed Canada.
And there is still a difference between French and English speakers in Canada today.
In the second referendum in 1995, the people supported Canada by a margin of 50 to 60 percent.
Canada is the most educated country in the world.
Blackmore, a 60-year-old batsman, has been sentenced to life in prison in Canada.
Who got married 25 times.
And she had 125 children
Because more than one marriage is banned in Canada.
But remember, there is no ban on corruption.
Canada’s calling code is Plus One.
And the domain is CA.


The temperature in Canada was recorded at minus 63 degrees
Canada has more fish than any other country.

Similarly, Canada has the largest water reserves in the world.
Canada uses more macaroni and cheese than any other country in the world.

Canadians consume billions of dollars worth of cannabis a year.

About one-tenth of Canada’s population is Christian.

Six percent of the population is Catholic and the rest is Protestant.
17% do not belong to any religion.

The majority of the remaining 6.3% are Muslims.

.However, Canada is proud to be a global healthcare and multicultural country.

In the northwest of Canada, beer is made on cars.

Canada’s coast is the largest in the world.
Canada’s beaches freeze like ice.

People play hockey on it.
Canada’s official game.

The second most popular sport is Canadian football

And basketball is also widely played.
Most residents in the Churchill area of ​​Canada leave their cars open just because they are.
So that passers-by can take refuge in a car if the polar bear attacks them.

The United States tried to occupy Canada in 1975 and 1979, but failed.

Canada has the second largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

There are a total of 34 nationalities in Canada with a population of over 100,000.
Canada’s own population is the highest at 39.40%.

This is followed by the British at 20.2%.
It is followed by French, German, Italian and South American.

In Canada, the People’s Address is the official symbol.

And the same is true of the Canadian flag.

Canada’s space program is the third best in the world after the United States and Russia.
Canada and Denmark have been fighting for ownership of the island since 1930-1940.
Take such things in Canada

There is a complete ban on going and anyone can be attacked.

Like chili spray.

.According to an international study, Britain, Italy and Canada have the highest number of children.
Canada’s official website if you want to go to Canada
You can find complete information at www.canada.ca.
Canada’s national parks are free for children.
Canada has close ties with the United States.
The seed of Canada and the United States is the largest common border in the world that is not monitored. There are vehicles and thirty-four naval warships.
And there are 861 fighter planes.

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