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The capital city of the United States is Washington DC everybody knows that

today I give you knowledge about this city

it is actually a separate entity of federal district the district of Columbia.

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to be precise that’s what the DC stands for this be created in 1790 is not part of any state or a standalone region on the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress States

donated land to create Washington DC Virginia and Maryland this land originally included to already existing settlement Georgetown and Alexandria Virginia later changed.

its mind and they donated land was given back along with Alexandria so today’s Washington only includes the land donated by Marilyn,

the capital of the United States was named in honor of not one but two historical figures George Washington was and Christopher Columbus

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it was George Washington himself who chose the actual location of the future capital and although it may not seem like it today it was actually built on a mosquito in fact.

warmly, that took years to drain without Washington DC is an international city I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone or close to everyone has heard about it so you might expect.

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it to be a large metropolis full of people but INSAT Washington has less than 700 thousand residences making with only the 118 se largest capital in the world

there is a catch now since it’s the capital it has a lot of jobs so a lot of Kam uses which means that by day the population passage well over 1 million-plus if we take into account

its metropolitan area the population explosion to about 6 million people and there is no denying that Washington DC is an international city 15% of residence speaker different language done English

which might come in handy since the city how is no less than 175 Embassy only process has more than that despite living in the capital residence of Washington DC.

have some serious frustrations for one we couldn’t both for the president of the United States,

because they had now representatives in congress since they on the interstate and thus have no both in the electoral college it wasn’t until 1961,

that an amendment to the constitution was adopted by which these was allowed to free electoral works but the following problems didn’t and here they still don’t have a working representative in congress.

only on onboarding related to the house of representatives, however, residents are subject to all federal taxes with our by the way among the highest Indian Union.

so whenever you see your protest saying no taxation without representation you’ll love this is what they actually talked about for the more even though the city has a mayor and council their decisions can anytime be overruled by congress since they have completed.

sold over the city would be one of the most iconic monuments in Washington DC is the huge Washington monument.

this obvious was built to commemorate George Washington and on till 1889, it was the tallest man-made structure on the planets after which the Eiffel Tower in Paris,

to cover the spot even sell this day the monument is both the world’s tallest stone structure and the world’s tallest obelisk.

today it may lookup it’s over but the original design of the monument was rather different,

it was supposed to have a circular building at the base with Greek columns and a statue of the president on top, and the obelisk was supposed to Spring out of the middle of the building basically it was supposed to look like a Greek temple with the giant obelisk in the middle however due to the price tag roughly equivalent of 20 million dollars.

today only the obelisk was built even served at one point in 1854 construction was halted due to lack of funds it wasn’t until 1879.

that Congress eventually found that the project would want to construction resumed the use marbles from different quality than the original which is why today is the Washington monument has.

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If you are to become the president of the United States.

you get to live in a new how reserved for the country’s commander-in-chief that’s what the White House is actually 4 ironically there was only one US president who didn’t get to live in the White House Washington,

he died shortly before it was finished in 1799 this is 1 hacker way house there are 132 rooms 35 x 6 different stories 412 those 147 Windows 28 5 places 8 staircases and Shri elevators tennis ko appalling l a movie theater,

at jogging track a swimming pool and five full-time shapes and an underground bunker.

me now just in case if you are elected as president you get to live in this house for the next four years rent-free with food and grocery expenses toiletries and even dry cleaning or not free payment for these is taken out of the President salary.

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the library of Congress you may have heard of it but believe me you don’t know the half of it,

it’s officially a research library that serves the United States Congress what is also open to the public making it the de facto national library of the United States is actually house in three different buildings in Washington DC which may not be so surprising.

since it’s the single largest library on the planet don’t believe me here are some figures its collections include research materials from all parts of the world in more than 450 languages it can change 38 million books,

and other printed materials 3.6 million recordings 14 million photographs 5.5 million maths 8.1 million pieces of sheet music 70 million manuscripts 5711 incurables which of books printed in Europe before 15,

and 122 million 800 10430 special collections which only belong in any category this place is the closest thing we have to the repository of all the knowledge of humanity this one more institutional-like to talk about one that you’ve probably heard of the Smithsonian institution which place was established in 18464 the increase and diffusion of knowledge,

it was named after its founding donor Richa sciences change Smith son who never actually set foot in the United States name the Nations added because of its large collections institution is practically a collection of museums,

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and research centers administered by the government just like in the case of the library of Congress the statistics, in this case, are also very very impressive the 19 museums 9 research centers, and 10 houses no less than 154 million items from artworks to ancient artifacts and fossil.

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specimens among the museums are the national museum of the natural story the national museum of American history for the national air and space museum there are over 200 similar institutions throughout the United States that are in fact Smithsonian affiliates the collections include 9.9 million digital recording 2 million library volumes 4500 cubic meters of archives,

allegedly at any given time, only about 1% of their inside collection is on display which should you bother you that much since a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to go through all of them so there you have it with just one through seven the renowned facts about Washington DC if you liked it please like and comment on my article
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