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California bridge

Today I am going to tell you 7 amazing facts about California.

Let’s begin as you can imagine the land that is now California has been in habitat for thousands of years by Darius Native American tribes before being exposed by several European expressions during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries,

European town in California 

however the first European power that Kingdom on this land was the Spanish empire was part of alto,

California in their news Bank colony area became part of Mexico in 1871 following its independence,

but it was soon as he did the United States in 1848 after the Mexican, American war

where is soon after that just two years later the area has organized the state and admitted as the 31st state of the union?

The name California

is samaj by some writers to have derived from the fictional paradise people buy black amazon’s and ruled by Queen California coronavirus chosen to.

California houses

the title of a Muslim leader alif fictional in claiming that California was a canopy the story of color,

was recorded in a 1510 work the adventures office plan their own Spanish explorer Francisco the ruler was exploring the Western coast of North America is initial service of Baja California let him,

to believe that it was an island so he needed the mystical islands from the medieval story.

If it were an independent country California would be a top player it will be the sixth-largest economy in the world,

and the 35th most populous California is also global trends in politics and especially in popular culture,

the seat is basically the origin of the film industry council culture the rise of the personal computer and internet among many many other things.

California institute of technology

That’s valley is one of the hottest places in the world during summer temperatures often exceed 40 degrees Celsius the highest scientifically matter temperature on,

Indus valley in 1930 it is 58 degrees Celsius these temperatures are coming because this is the point of a lost civilization,

in North America at 8600 interestingly the highest point on the mail and US mount Whitney is this 136 km away from this ovation causes,

such high temperatures because as the ground is hidden by the sun at heat is absorbed by the dance,

and it radiates it back to the ground, in addition, the high value was from the rising cost and recycle it back down the valley from making the atmosphere basically unbearable.

California state university long beach

California state capital is not what you think you might expect it to be Los Angeles America second-most populous city or maybe San Francisco.

the fifth most populated American reaction is sacramental which to be fair is also one famous city on this topic is 3 series on the only,

California orthopedic

one other famous California series or San Diego San Jose long beach and Beverly Hills to name a few and as a bonus duration of Disneyland is also in California in Android.

California Lutheran university

the other place in California nickname for the southern portion of the San Francisco bay area contributing factors but is generally accepted that are sabbing silicon valley,

California health technology

according to 1931 William Hewlett and David Packard founded the company and build their first product Integra gives you an idea of just how to measure our technology have this area is here are some companies,

that have their headquarters here or have been conceived in silicon valley with a packet of the screen that some orders for research and innovations,

and formerly known as use Skype, Adobe Systems, AMD, Apple, eBay, ultra records, Facebook, Google, in self Yahoo, visa and video Netflix, and many many more.

will California shut down again

where is yet another place that everybody has heard of Hollywood this is the place where the vast majority of the most well-known movies of the 20th and 21st-century women but of course you already know that what you might?

not know is how this area got its name Johnson Woodley was a real estate developer that 51886 had already started over 100 towns across the Western United States

according to his diary violin honeymoon is to the top of a hill looking out over the bad along

came a Chinese man in a while and caring what is then asked by Woodley what he was doing to which the Chinese men reply.

I Hollywood meaning to say is that he was holding it was at this point it with you had an epiphany and decided name is mill town Hollywood and the rest is………..