place picture in japan
  1. Main points
  2. population
  3. Education
  4. Historical facts
  5. Freedom
  6. Area
  7. Economy
  8. Why not the Japanese army

Friends, today I am going to write about how to move to Japan

and cost of living in japan and much more
If Ja Pan is translated literally, it translates as the land of the rising sun.
First I will tell you interesting facts about Japan, then historical facts.

Friends, in Japan, if you work in an office, you cannot sleep in the office.

If you fall asleep in the office.
You may lose your job.

That’s why an hour’s sleep in the afternoon is considered essential in Japan.
In Japan, children are taught ethics until the third grade.

In Japan, children receive a quality education instead of a traditional one.
That’s why no child in Japan fails until the third grade.

Japan is also called the king of technology
Japan ranks 62nd in terms of area and 10th in terms of population
70% of Japan is mountainous
Most cars in the world are made in Japan Toyota is the third-largest company in the world
The capital of Japan is Tokyo.

And Tokyo has a population of 35 million.

Which is the largest city in the world.

Cars are very cheap in Japan.

In Japan, if you sell a car.

So you have to know about the car, what parts it has changed.


The world’s largest fish market, Tokyo, is located in Japan.

Japan is also called the land of the elderly.

Because more than 50,000 elderly people are living in Japan.

Who are over a hundred years old.

In Japan, baby pampers are less popular and older pampers are more popular.

In Japan, cleaners are called health engineers with a salary of about five to one million.

Tokyo Airport is the fifth-largest airport in the world and the third-largest in Asia.

Japan has a population of 130 million.

When a man is in the most densely populated country in the world.

Three hundred and thirty-seven people live in every kilometer of Japan
The Japanese nation is called the honest nation of the world.

Japanese people value time very much.

You may have heard that the Japanese value education very much
For a college girl in Japan, the same train ran for a long time.

Friends, this was a little bit about Japan yesterday. If you like it, you must comment

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