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Mexico, located in the southern part of North America, derives its name from M, C, which is locally called Mexico.

Its capital is Mexico City
And the biggest city in the country is Mexico City.

The capital has a population of 21.5 million which is considered to be the most densely populated capital in the world.

Mexico is bordered by the United States to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west, and Guatemala to the southeast.

And to the east is the Gulf of Mexico,
The country has 20,430 square kilometres of water.

It has the longest and ninth-largest border in the world with 3155 km US
And 9,330 kilometres of beach
The three North American states are the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Between which there is a free trade agreement.

Its national language is Spanish, spoken by 92.0% of the country’s population.

It is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

In addition, 800 languages ​​are spoken in the country.

The Mexican nation is considered to be hospitable and enthusiastic to do everything.

The country’s system of government is a federal presidential constitutional democracy.

Mexico’s 34th president lasted only 60 minutes.

Mexico gained independence from Spain on September 16, 1810
The flag of this country is made up of vertical triangle colour with a green and white end.

In the middle is the Golden Eagle.

The Wave Grenade is the largest river in the country.

Its length is 3310 meters.

Eight of the 52 U.S. seats were previously held by Mexico.

Mexico City is the largest taxi city in the world.

Where more than one lakh taxis provide services to people daily.

Mexico is also called the country of the fattest people in the world.

Sixty-two per cent of Nassau and 27 per cent of other people live in this country.

L’Engle is considered the Statue of Liberty in Mexico City.

Which was one hundred and fifty feet high and was built in nineteen hundred.

The country has an annual GDP of 46 2.46 billion.

Which is the eleventh strongest economy in the world.

Tourism plays a key role in the country’s economy.

Due to the country’s cheapness, most tourists come from the United States and Canada.

It’s per capita income
Pakistani 26 lakh 60 thousand four hundred and thirty-one.
And Indian is 1,452,400.
It ranks 52nd in the world
About six million Coxswains live in the United States.

Mexicans are coming in from all over the world in different ways.

The richest man in the country is a business tycoon
Carlos is the owner of MS Telecom.

Whose wealth is worth sixty-three point eight billion dollars.

That is 85 trillion 27 billion 50 million 80 million Pakistani rupees.

And the Indian owns 46.51 trillion rupees.

Mexico’s natural resources include petroleum silver, copper, gold, zinc, natural gas and timber.

Its annual exports are 7 407 billion and the country exports 80% of its goods to the United States.

It also imports 17 417 billion worth of goods.

Mexico has oil reserves.

Which is the 19th largest oil field in the world.

It also has the largest natural gas reserves in the world.
13.4% of the country’s population is engaged in agriculture.

31.5% are associated with industry and 64% with services.

The total area of ​​Mexico is 1972019 one hundred and fifty kilometres.

That is seven lakh 60 thousand 610 square miles.

It is the thirteenth-largest country in Latin America in terms of area and the fifth largest in continental America.

Forests cover 33.3% of the country’s land area

Forty-nine per cent of the area is cultivable.

The country’s official religion, Christianity, is Roman Catholic.

Which is 83% in the country.

It is the second-largest Roman Catholic country.

Ten per cent Protestants in the country, five per cent non-religious.

And three per cent do not belong to any religion.

And one per cent are followers of other religions.

Where girls get married at the age of 21.

Mexico is a big country.

Every city has its traditions.
Instead of marriages
Adventure marriages are on the rise.

The passion to do something new that will be remembered forever.

Usually, go to the beach for a wedding.

The bride wears a white gown.

When the couple is ready, they go to the wedding hall.

Here they are given thirteen gold or silver coins.

And they are divided into two parts and given to the bride and groom.

The pastor prays for love between the two.

So that there is a consensus between the two.

Makes the couple agree to bathe together for life.

The bride and groom are adorned with pearls.

Which shows that you are now married.

And the wedding is congratulated.

The bride and groom tell stories from the first meeting with their spouse to the decision to marry.

Which are considered to be the most beautiful scenes of the party.

Some people’s eyes get wet on this occasion.

Then there is the dance party and dinner.

Friends give wedding gifts.

The most popular sports in Mexico are bullfighting, football, baseball, and basketball.

The national emblem is the Golden Night Heart.
And the national colour is green and white.

There are 357 aircraft registered with 21 airlines in the country.
45.6 million people travel in the country.

There are 243 airports in the country with daily facilities.
Seventy-one airports have runway facilities.

15,399 km railway line in the country.

Three lakh 57 thousand six hundred and sixty kilometres of highways.

There are 622 oil tankers and boats in the country.

The total population of Mexico is 124,575,325.

Which is the tenth-largest country in the world in terms of population.

Mexico has a large number of women.

The average age here is 61 years.

The country spends 63% of its GDP on health.

2.23 doctors for a thousand patients in the country and one Shariat 5 person spends 54% of their country’s GDP on education.

The University is the National University of Mexico,

built-in 1555 by King Charles V of Spain.
And the country’s literacy rate is 94.5%.

39% of the country’s population is forced to live below the poverty line.

80% of the country’s population lives in cities.

In terms of time, it is eleven hours behind Pakistan and eleven and a half hours behind India
In the country, there is a driver’s aid, ie vehicles move on the right side.

There is only one arms store in the whole country.

Most of the weapons come from other countries.

The United States has contracted a company to erect a fence to prevent illegal entry.

The same company takes money from thousands of people and allows them to cross the border.

In Mexico, a wife does not allow her husband to remarry unless she kills him at the husband’s visit.

Every month, Mexican Americans send 2 billion home.
Which makes up 40% of the country’s GDP.

One town on the border of California and Mexico is called Mexico and the other side is called Mexico.

The currency of this country is the Mexican peso. The internet domain in this country is m.ac calling code plus 52.

A work visa is required to work in Mexico.

Which is very difficult to get.

The best solution is freelancing and it will be easier for you if you know English.

The country has all kinds of hotels and restaurants that are cheaper than American hotels.

And the biggest hotels and hostels and private rooms in the country get the cheapest, so I remember someone in a room for money.

The famous Chinook store is found in every city of the country and is now becoming increasingly popular in Seven-Eleven.

If you have lived in Mexico for five years, you can apply for citizenship.

Take a look at the history of Mexico in 1400 BC.

Mexico also had a large and well-trained army at the beginning of the Olympic Tribal Voice.

The Mexicans, through their intelligence, have made significant strides in many areas.

The manufacture of weapons, the manufacture of fine ornaments, the fine cotton, and the remarkable success of farming.

They made the island their capital.

Which happened in one day and this island is located thousands of feet above sea level.

It was a city of palaces.

Access to it through a narrow passage can be partially or completely strengthened.

According to him, if these magicians are not pleased, then the sun stops rising, so they stop.

I used to offer human hearts to please my gods.

A Mexican shoe-cutter had previously been forced into exile by the elephant gods.

He left in his boat. He announced that he would be back in a bloody year and would tell you.

That he reached fifteen hundred and nineteen which was the year of blood.

At that time, King Monte Zuma was told by his magicians that the god was to return on April 22 this year.

April 22, 1919, That’s why I said that the Spanish deer course landed on the coast of Central America.

Under normal circumstances, he did not wear black clothes, but there were more people besides him, horses and cannons.

He boarded eleven ships.

Come on
The king of Mexico was afraid of the return of the gods. He took out the heart of the man who refused to be afraid of water.

And the Mexicans were scared.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The king announced his surrender, most of whom are the parents of the resistance girl.

The disease was brought to him by the Spaniards.

No one had a cure for it, so he grew up.

Killed in numbers
The beliefs of the Mexican people defeated them and the few campaigns that succeeded in overcoming them Mexico became a Spanish colony for three centuries.

By then the whole country had converted to Christianity.

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