Luxemberg flag
Country nameLuxembourg
Area25085 km
Average age82 years
Calling code+352

Friends, today I am going to write about a small country in Europe
Whose name in Luxembourg.

And I’m going to tell you some facts about that.
Which will definitely increase your knowledge.

Luxembourg country 

Luxembourg is a small but beautiful country in Europe.

The official name is Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a tight country, meaning it doesn’t feel like an ocean.

Luxembourg capital city 

The capital of Luxembourg is also Luxembourg.

Luxembourg language 
And the official languages ​​are Luxembourg, French and German.

Luxembourg language spoken

Luxembourg is home to 50% Luxembourgian, 18.2% Portuguese,

13.5% French
10.3% German
And seven point one percent live in the rest of the world,

Prime Minister of Luxembourg .

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg is the first gay Prime Minister of Europe.

Luxembourg gained independence from the Netherlands in 1815.

Luxembourg became a member of the European Union in 1957.

Luxembourg’s official religion is Roman Catholic.

The total area of ​​Luxembourg is 2586 km.

The total population of Luxembourg is 600,000.

Luxembourg is also the most populous country in the world.

And also the twentieth smallest country in the world.

The average age in Luxembourg is 82 years.

Luxembourg wine is famous all over the world
And the only source of income for the people who live here is alcohol
87% of Luxembourg’s population belongs to Christianity and other religions.

luxembourg university list

There are only two universities in Luxembourg.

luxembourg university ranking

The University of Luxembourg and Scared Hard University.

Luxembourg is one of the twelve founding countries
Who founded NATO.

Luxembourg what to visit

The main industries of this small European country are iron, steel, banking, chemicals, and food processing.


About 70 percent of the workers in Luxembourg come from neighboring countries.

luxembourg hotels

You may also be surprised to read that Skype, PayPal, and Amazon are headquartered in Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg, if you go to someone’s house for a party, you must bring a box of chocolates with you.

In Luxembourg, whenever flowers are given to someone,

they are less than thirteen, more than thirteen, because your flower is considered a sign of misfortune.

You can’t take a dog out in Luxembourg.

If the dog is to be taken out, it must be pampered

Luxembourg is such a small country that you can easily visit it in one day

It is also the favorite country of the most corrupt rulers in the world
Because in this country, like Panama, offshore companies are registered to avoid taxes.

Luxembourg national day.

.June 23 is National Day in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg per capita income 

The per capita annual income in Luxembourg is 111,616$

The currency of Luxembourg is the currency
I hope you have gained a lot of knowledge by reading this short article.
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