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Friends, today I am going to tell you some interesting facts about Britain.

Which you may have never read before today

Friends, Britain is one of the richest countries in the world
This is such an amazing piece of land
Who has a very impressive history?

united kingdom address

.The world’s smallest flight also flies in the UK
Which lasts for two minutes
The UK passport is the strongest in the world
Its nationality holders can travel to 158 countries without a passport
The UK stamp does not have the country’s name on it.

In the UK, a child must be enrolled in school until the age of five

the government will take the child from you and teach it
In the UK, plane tickets are cheaper and train tickets are more expensive
It doesn’t end there, because the UK has a lot of interesting facts

Which the world is unaware of
I have a request to unveil such interesting facts.

For a new visitor, please, I have also written a lot of history.
Be sure to read it once.

UK England UK United Kingdom These are the names of the same country
It is a country in northwestern Europe
This country ruled over more than half of the world’s people for more than two hundred years.

58 countries of the world remained in its slavery
The greatest state of the past in which the sun never sets
The UK ranks 78th in the world in terms of area
Its total area is two hundred and forty thousand four hundred and ninety-five square kilometers.

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united kingdom population

Its population is about 66.8 million.
London is its capital
Here five and a half percent Muslims, 13 percent Hindus,
Jews make up 4.5 percent.

There were 50,000 Muslims in Britain in 1961

There were 1.6 million in 2001. And in 2018, the number is 3.6 million.
In the UK, 70% of marriages do not last more than 15 years.

Tells you some interesting facts about the British royal family.
Queen Elizabeth must wear dark clothes at this age
The purpose is to make the British queen stand out in the crowd because of her dress.

The rule of the royal family is that ordinary people should refrain from touching them.

However, the royal family now appears to be viol ating most of the rules
It is the responsibility of all family members to receive all the gifts they receive
Whether it’s a gift or a gift from anyone.


Similarly, the Queen’s personal vehicle does not require a number plate and driver’s license.

But until the picture of the queen is printed on coins and currency notes
Until then, the coin has no value
The current Test cricket match between England and Australia
The Ashes is the oldest series in the history of cricket, beginning in 1882
The series takes place every two years between England and Australia.

The UK earns about 30 billion from tourism.

And more than 40 million people come to visit the UK. Charlie Chaplin, the greatest actor of the silent film era, whose full name is Charles

He was born on April 16, 1889, in London, England
Her own daughter Time played the role of her mother in the famous film Chapman.

But after his death, his body was abducted by some people who demanded Rs 6 crore for the body
When the money was not forthcoming, the body was locked up in a coffin and dumped.

That is why more than one billion people in the world speak English.

In the UK, a person who reaches the age of 100 is given a Platinum Card
The largest city in the UK is London and its capital.

The most illegitimate children in the world are born in this country
Because getting married is no longer their problem.

Every child born on British soil becomes a British citizen
Every unemployed person in the UK gets a stipend.

In the UK, a TV channel does not run more than 12 minutes of commercials in an hour.

The UK’s BBC channel is funded.

All members of the British royal family need formal permission from the Queen to marry, which is granted in the form of a license.

Prince William is from Greece.

Therefore, despite their place, they do not have the right to be called kings.

In the same way, after the Queen, her son Prince Charles ascends the throne.

So his wife Camilla Parker does not deserve to be called a queen.

Because she belongs to a common and royal family.

The British drink 165 million teas a day
That’s 20 percent more than Americans.

In the UK, parents cannot scold their children or face jail time
One in four people is obese
There is also a strange service in the UK which is also rented to pay last respects to the dead.

Yorkshire is one of the scariest cities in Britain.

The world’s oldest royal residence is still used by the royal family.

In 1547 the King of England was not having children
And in those days remarriage was absolutely forbidden
The pope of the Vatican declared it absolutely illegal.

So the king insisted that I marry again
The pope did not allow a second marriage.

The king became angry and built a church in his area.
And established a new bishop.

And this bishop allowed five marriages.

The king got a new crown prince and the people got a new sect.

The British pound is also the world’s oldest currency.

united kingdom open university

Oxford also has the distinction of being the oldest and second-best university.

Which is located on the bank of a river.

Due to which it has been named as Cambridge or river bridge.

The institute has so far produced ninety Nobel laureates.

And gave birth to notable students.

The London School of Economics, the third-largest university in the UK, ranked fourth and fifth.

Women make up 35% of university admissions compared to men.

The number of students enrolled in UK universities this year is much higher than in previous years, including British nationals and people from other countries.

From the beginning of the conquests of the British Empire to Ireland, 58 countries, 58 countries, this relationship is sand and the first country to gain independence from Britain has also come Koh-i-Noor diamond and what is historical Koh-i-Noor is one of the three most famous in the world.

And the largest diamond of its kind went to the subcontinent four thousand years ago through its various kings with Queen Elizabeth of England.

105 nights and 21 grams while its actual weight is 30 grams.

However, there is no doubt about it.

The world’s oldest diamond has become a symbol of misfortune and death for men, while it has become a symbol of good fortune for women.

Eighteen hundred and fifty-five Koh-e-Noor diamonds are in the possession of the United Kingdom, while for the ownership of this diamond.

Can from many countries and also expresses a desire to get from there. Most of the world’s sports help is also told.

It is said that Pakistanis live in the UK in large numbers.

Pakistanis live in the UK in large numbers.

The country’s name is Roshan, of which the famous boxer Aamir Khan, the current mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, Pakistan, and Millions have bright stars of the country who wrote in the love of their homeland and also like to marry their children in Pakistan.

We all salute all Pakistanis abroad.
to be continued

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