10 Bigo greedy tricks | how to win diamonds

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bigo greedy

How to win diamonds with tricks

10 greedy tricks and won diamonds

how diamond is formed click here

An application called friends bigo was launched in 2014

Developed by a man named David Lee

For video click here https://youtu.be/9aL58n8Wfts

how to install greedy bigo

or copy thislinkhttp://activity.bigo.tv/live/act/greedy/indexNew.html ,

Note: if you want to lift confirm bets or link does not open, you can contact on Whatsapp ⤵️


bigo greedy app

Today I want to tell you about Bigo Greedy
Here are 10 tips
Let me tell you about me.

I have experience with Bigo Greedy for the last three years
Which I am going to share with you today
Remember this before playing Greedy
If you have plenty of money
You play greedy

because Greedy starts winning and then starts taking back.

I suggest you send it immediately when you have a win
And you can do pad sanding.

bigo greedy app

Let’s get started

Tips No. 1
When does the tomato arrive?
Friends, you have to put tomatoes every ten minutes
For example, don’t leave tomatoes when it’s 1:10 A.M.
Then don’t leave at 1:20 A.M.
Then don’t leave at 1:30 A.M
That is, tomatoes came after every ten minutes
Remember that there are tomatoes in the sequence.

Tips No. 2
Do not leave the burger, stick, 25 after two corn.

Tips No. 3
Do not leave tomatoes and stick after two cabbage.

bigo greedy

Tips No. 4
Don’t skip tomatoes after burgers.

Tips No. 5
If there are two things behind the sequence
Don’t leave burgers and stick after burgers.

Tips No. 6
Do not leave the second corn after the corn and also 25, burgers.

Tips No. 7
If there is a yellow colour at the end of the sequence, do not leave the yellow colour things,

I mean not leave corn, burger and 25.

Tips No. 8
When the red vegetable is beating, don’t leave 45 burgers or stick in the end.

Tips No. 9
If someone hits a hot thing, then leaves the next and hits the third hot

For example, after hitting the burger hot, the hot went to 25
Then when it comes to hot on corn, corn is the third hot

Put the world on this bet.

Tips No. 10

One to one is doing a lot these days
If the carrot address is hit, the carrot hits again.

Tips no. 11 if come carrot then not leve 25 and stick.

bigo greedy

bigo greedy software

Download link: http://bit.ly/greedystats
Guide: https://fb.watch/7DQnmeU0n1/

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