united states flag

You will be amazed at this
That is the largest plan cemetery in the US state of California.

The capital
The capital of the United States is Washington DC
DC mean District of Columbia.

United States election.

The United States after the coup d’etat
He laid the foundation of the country on democracy
However, the right to vote was given only to men
In 1920, 145 years after independence, women were given the right to vote
But blacks were still deprived of this right
And then in the 1950, blacks got the right to vote.

Presidential elections.
The United States has a presidential democracy
That is, everyone gives a direct vote to the president
Under the US Constitution, anyone can become president twice
US elections every four years
Occurs in the first week of November.

GPS system
In today’s world there is hardly any modern technology
And don’t need GPS.

US economy
The American system is capitalist
The United States remained the world’s largest industrial power from 1920 to 2020
But now China has snatched the number one honor from him

Per capita income in the United States

Is number one in the world
Here a citizen earns an average of 59,000$ a year

Education system
Let me tell you about the American education system
The US government spends 18,000$ a year on school-going children

The number four people in the world in terms of wealth
He is also an American citizen

The United States and China are fighting over technology (5G)
In which both countries want to be number one in the next ten years.

Average age
The average age here is 80 years
The American flag has 50 stars
Which represent its fifty states.

united states cities zip code

Alabama (AL)Huntsville35801 thru 35816
Alaska (AK)Anchorage99501 thru 99524
Arizona (AZ)Phoenix85001 thru 85055
Arkansas (AR)Little Rock72201 thru 72217
California (CA)Sacramento
Los Angeles
Beverly Hills
94203 thru 94209
90001 thru 90089
90209 thru 90213
Colorado (CO)Denver80201 thru 80239
Conneticut (CT)Hartford06101 thru 06112
Deleware (DE)Dover19901 thru 19905
District of Columbia (DC)Washington20001 thru 20020
Florida (FL)Pensacola
32501 thru 32509
33124 thru 33190
32801 thru 32837
Georgia (GA)Atlanta30301 thru 30381
Hawaii (HI)Honolulu96801 thru 96830
Idaho (ID)Montpelier83254
Illinois (IL)Chicago
60601 thru 60641
62701 thru 62709
Indiana (IN)Indianapolis46201 thru 46209
Iowa (IA)Davenport
Des Moines
52801 thru 52809
50301 thru 50323
Kansas (KS)Wichita67201 thru 67221
Kentucky (KY)Hazard41701- 41702
Lousiana (LA)New Orleans70112 thru 70119
Maine (ME)Freeport04032 thru 04034
Maryland (MD)Baltimore21201 thru 21237
Massachusetts (MA)Boston02101 thru 02137
Michigan (MI)Coldwater
49734 – 49735
Minnesota (MN)Duluth55801 thru 55808
Mississippo (MS)Biloxi39530 thru 39535
Missouri (MO)St. Louis63101 thru 63141
Montana (MT)Laurel59044
Nebraska (NE)Hastings68901 – 68902
Nevada (NV)Reno89501 thru 89513
New Hampshire (NH)Ashland03217
New Jersey (NJ)Livingston07039
New Mexico (NM)Santa Fe87500 thru 87506
New York (NY)New York10001 thru 10048
North Carolina (NC)Oxford27565
North Dakota (ND)Walhalla58282
Ohio (OH)Cleveland44101 thru 44179
Oklahoma (OK)Tulsa74101 thru 74110
Oregon (OR)Portland97201 thru 97225
Pennsylvania (PA)Pittsburgh15201 thru 15244
Rhode Island (RI)Newport02840 – 02841
South Carolina (SC)Camden29020
South Dakota (SD)Aberdeen57401 – 57402
Tennessee (TN)Nashville37201 thru 37222
Texas (TX)Austin78701 thru 78705
Utah (UT)Logan84321 thru 84323
Vermont (VT)Killington05751
Virginia (VA)Altavista24517
Washington (WA)Bellevue (home of windoze)98004 thru 98009
West Virginia (WV)Beaver25813
Wisconsin (WI)Milwaukee53201 thru 53228
Wyoming (WY)Pinedale82941

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