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ginger for cultivation

How to grow Ginger in Asia

Benefits of eating ginger

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Friends, ginger has a hot and dry effect
By creating moisture in the digestive system
Accelerates digestion
And increases appetite
Eliminates toxins from the body
Ginger contains oxygen
That’s why ginger is antiseptic as well
It also cleanses the blood
Boosts immunity against various diseases
Relieves joint pain
It is also useful for diseases like cough, phlegm, etc.

Curry is tasteless without ginger
Some people eat ginger jam
In Asia, most ginger is grown in China, Thailand, and India

What is the ground like for ginger?

The sandy soil is very good for ginger cultivation
In which ginger flourishes

Land preparation

Ginger should be left in the soil two months before planting
And water every ten days
Then plow so that the dung and soil are well mixed
And the earth is full of worms
Then apply ginger


How are the seeds?

The ginger in which the eyes are rolling
And thick skin
It is better to grow seeds

ginger to plant

Cut the ginger into small pieces
Place those pieces within six inches of the ground
So that there is a lot of bunch under the ground like potatoes

where to plant ginger

In February after the onset of cold
Ginger can grow
But it will be better if there is a light shade on top as the heat increases
When is ginger ready?
Ginger is ready in 5 months

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