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Whoever came into this world is like a traveler
The next step is to coach
In the same way,

our life is like a traveler
We look at the train station
Every day millions of passengers are traveling inland
And millions of passengers are heading to Karachi.

Karachi is such a generous and poor city
That any human being can come and live here
Be it of any province or religion
Welcomes everyone here

And once I spent time working in Karachi
So I claim that man cannot leave Karachi.

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Well, I was talking about travel
We usually get bad food at railway stations.
Or its quality is very poor
That’s why most people prepare their food at home
And bring nothing
Today I will tell you about a standard hotel
Which provides good food at a reasonable price
In which everything from tea to the frying pan is available
And the funny thing is, it happened inside the hotel station
I from time to time
[18:01: I go to this hotel
God willing, their quality is much better than other stations in the country

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