Who people are successful | who people are unsuccessful?

today my topic is who people are successful and who people are unsuccessful?

Karate Kid was a Hollywood movie

In which a sixteen or seventeen _year_ old boy to learn karate
Goes to a teacher
But instead of teaching him karate
Gives him painting equipment and wax
And he orders you to paint and wax my car
Now the child had only one job
The child applied wax to both hands
And keep rubbing on the car
The teacher calls it Wax On and Wax Out

Now you see the situation, the child has gone to learn karate

And the teacher has hired him to clean the car
And not just for one day, but for the whole year
The child became bored with this work

And began to curse.

The teacher started teaching karate to the child a year later

So the child then found out what the child was waxing on and waxing out
In fact, it was karate practice

Because the child’s arms became very strong as he rubbed the car
So it didn’t take long for the child to learn karate

Every one of us wants to be successful in life
Some of us succeed
nothing else
Have you ever wondered who those people are?
Who Achieves Their Targets?
They are like karate kids
Whose arms become stronger

So whatever his mind thinks, the strong limbs of this man do that work immediately


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