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What is knowledge?

Today I will tell you eight types of human knowledge

No. 1. Knowledge of water

Man made different drinks from water
Such as drinks, etc.

No. 2. Knowledge of the earth
Man dug the earth and dug canals
Excavated minerals extracted gold, silver, brass, petrol, coal, petrol etc.

No. 3. Wind science
He learned to fly in the air, made fans etc. and delivered air inside the house
Made electricity from wind

No. 4. Knowledge of fire
Build steam from fire, build engines, build aircraft tanks and cannons

No. 5. Knowledge of plants.
To prepare different flowers
Transplanted and planted different trees
Prepare seasonal vegetables in the off-season

No. 6. Knowledge of animals
He used to ride animals. He used to lift weights. He made leather from animal skins.
And made cotton from their ovens

No. 7 Knowledge of the human body
For example, limbs, hands and feet, head, eyes, ears, etc.

No. 8, Knowledge of Population,
How to worship, poetry, and music, etc.

That is the knowledge of man