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This is a picture of a successful businessman who was a former laborer

How to get jobs

Friends, you know I’m not in favor of a job
But some people in the world do not have confidence in themselves
They prefer the job.

Today I am going to tell you a story
She is a poor, educated young man from a village
Who took a unique approach to getting a job
When this young man came to the city, he went to look for a job every day
But no one hired him

One day I was walking along the road
He sees some laborers picking up bricks and collecting them in one place
I put my file on one side
He started working with these sleeveless workers
The workers stopped me
I said, “Brother, I will not take money for this work.”

I am helping you
The contractor was watching the scene from a distance
When the work is done
The young man began to leave
The contractor came running
So I want to give some money to this young man
But the young man refused
At the insistence of the contractor, the young man seized the money
The young man went to the juice shop
Made the juice of this money
Lake Juice fed the contractors and laborers
The contractor was deeply moved by this behavior
The contractor asked the young man, “What are you doing?”
The young man replied, “I am looking for a job.”

The contractor said look for a job during the day
Come in the evening and see my account
How much money was given to sand, cement, labor and how much was left
Take my Rs. 1000.

The young man lost his job a month later
So the young man said to the contractor
If I can get you cement, sand, sand, etc. at a lower rate
So what will you give me?

The contractor said you will save as much as you can in rates
That half of you, half of me
The young man gladly accepted
The young man roamed the factories all day
Where it gets a lower rate
Buy from there

Exactly eight years later, that young man
Became the largest contractor in the city

Friends, if you don’t get a job, do someone’s free work once
See how your life changes
This recipe is alchemy