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a farmer men

A farmer came in contact with Allah

And he complained to Allah, O Allah
I don’t understand how you run the world
The farmer sows the seed, you rain
When the time comes for the crops to ripen, you blow the wind
From which all the fruit falls
And finally when the farmers start reaping the crops
So you rain again and ruin the crops

What happened
Is this how the world is run?

Allah said then what should I do?

The man said, “Keep me as your advisor for a year.”
When I say rain
When I say take out the sun
Allah said, “All right.”
So when the seed was sown, the farmer said, “May Allah send a light rain.”
It rained
When the seed took root
The farmer said let it rain a little
It rained heavily
When the harvest is big
The farmer said, “May Allah make the sun shine.”
The sun is shining
Until the harvest is ready
The clusters began to look bigger
All the farmers are happy
That the crop doubled this year
When it was harvested, there were no grains in the stalks
The farmer is in trouble
Or Allah, what is the matter?
Foolish people are born with grains in disasters

These weather disasters are storms and hurricanes
Who instill courage in plants
So today’s lesson is not to be frightened by difficulties, troubles, worries
They create courage and passion in you
They add juice to your success
They cause pimples in your joints
So persevere, day comes after night
Happiness comes after trouble