hope of life

Weakness or strength?

Microsoft is still the No. 1 company in the world
Twenty years ago today, a very interesting event took place in this company
The company needed office boys.

weakness and strength test

The company shortlisted twenty educated youth
And ordered them to fill out and submit the job form

The youth filled out the form and submitted it
The manager checked the form
So a young man did not write his BUSINESS OR JOB| business manager job  address
When the manager asked the reason, the young man said that I did not create the email
The manager said angrily
In this day and age, if you don’t have email, it doesn’t seem to exist in the world
We cannot hire such a servant
The manager stamped rejection on the young man’s form

The young man had ten dollars in his pocket at the time
The young man decided to try his luck with ten dollars

He bought tomatoes for ten dollars
And go to the city and start selling in the streets
Within an hour, not only were the tomatoes sold
It even made a profit of 15 15
The next day he bought tomatoes for 20
These tomatoes sold for 40 40
Two days later, his capital reached 40 40
In short, the young man became the owner of 100 grocery stores 8 years later
Then the young man got married


After the marriage, the wife went to get an insurance policy
After filling out the policy form, the agent asked him, “Sir, did you not write the email?”
The young man said, “I don’t have an e-mail.”
Surprised, the agent asked, “Sir, did you leave without an email during this period?”
The computer developed so much
Imagine how much progress you would make if you had an email.
The young man said if I had an e-mail
So even today I would have been cleaning the washroom at Microsoft
Sometimes what we think is the reason for our failure
In fact, it is the key to our success

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