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There are a few such cases in American history
Which surprised the maker for the whole world
Including the case of arrori, pukaro
One day when he leaves the house, his bloodied body is found a few moments later
Police are investigating
Arrives at the house, the police find a pukaro shirt as evidence
Which has blood on shirt.

The police catch Pukaro and put him in jail
The next day, Pukaro and his lawyer appear before a judge

So the lawyer tells the judge that Arrori is still alive
You will enter through this door in ten minutes
Everyone, including the judge, looks at the door.

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After waiting ten minutes, no one comes in
So the lawyer gets up and says
Judge, when I said that the victim would come in through this door ten minutes later
So you also started looking at the door
You also suspected that the victim may still be alive
Therefore, my client should be released on suspicion
The judge ruled shortly after ward
That pukaro is sentenced to death
After the verdict, the judge went to his chambers
The lawyer also followed the judge
So the lawyer asked, “Sir, I don’t understand this decision.”

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The judge said that ten minutes after you spoke, the victim would enter through this door
So everyone was looking at the door
The only killer who stood with his eyes downcast
Because the killer knew the victim would not come
That’s why I was sentenced

This is an interesting case of law and justice
But there is also a wonderful formula for success
Where we stand in life
There is a door at the back
Opportunities enter through this door one by one

Those opportunities enter through the door every day
But we stand with our heads bowed
We do not look at the door through which opportunities enter
They come in the form of opportunities – Google – Facebook – YouTube – Amazon – Ali Baba – Drawers
But alas, we do not take advantage …

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