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how to save money
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Centuries ago, a member of the royal family asked an intellectual
What is the most powerful thing in the world?

The intellectual was going through financial difficulties at that time
He immediately replied rupee, money, wealth, wealth, and so on
The royal man asked the reason
The scholar replied, “You are rich.”

how to save money on groceries

You can buy everything in the world
This royal man took matters into his own hands
And he decided to become the most powerful man in the world through wealth.

He started accumulating wealth
He used all legal and illegal methods for wealth
Get kickbacks of smuggling
Contracts for contracts
Scams in the stock market
Sell ​​government land
Deals with domestic and foreign companies
Create fake invoices
He took money from the people and promoted them to higher positions
And rob
His every move was successful
His wealth continued to grow
Let me tell you here
When a man is rich
So it has two problems

No. 1. Where does he hide his wealth?
Because wealth carries with it the risk of being snatched away
Believe me, man does not have to work so hard to earn wealth
As much as it takes to hide wealth

No. 2
It is in human nature that man is very happy to see wealth
He buried his wealth in his yard
To be in front of the eyes
He would stand on the buried treasure every day
And would be happy
This went on for months
Even people became suspicious
Once thieves came and looted his treasure
When this royal man saw his courtyard dug
So he started crying

That was the time of Imam Ghazali
Imam Sahib visited this man’s house
Imam Sahib placed the stone lying in the coffin and buried the coffin again
And tell this man that your treasure is back
You stand on this treasure every day
Be happy
And realize your ownership

The man looked at Imam al-Ghazali in surprise and said
Sir, what are you talking about?
There is a stone in the ark
The Imam replied

There is no difference between a treasure buried in the ground and a stone.
Because you can’t spend buried treasure and stone
Your wealth and your stones are equal to you
to be continued