how to get success

Guidelines for success in life.

Gautama Buddha founded Buddhism in 563 BC

how to have a successful life

This religion considers human desires as the enemy of peace and contentment
Desire always hurts.

The greater the desire, the greater the trouble
Gautama Buddha used to say that if you want peace
So reduce your desires.

Buddhists have very few desires
They use only a sheet to cover the seventies

how to be successful life

They walk around barefoot
Or wear wooden shoes
They sleep on the ground under the open sky
Eat shared.

And they have enough to eat to survive
Buddhists never touch women
Don’t have money in your pocket
And 75% of their lives are spent traveling
The Buddhist religious book is the largest book in the world,

This book has 126 volumes and each volume has 1000 pages
An incident is written in this book.

According to the incident, two Buddhists
Were passing through a forest.

how to have a successful life

A river came in their way
As they were crossing the river, they saw a six-year-old girl
She could not cross the river due to fear
One of them felt sorry for him.

He sat the girl on his shoulder and let her cross the river
The journey began again
After traveling six or seven miles
One said to the other, “Your faith is gone.”

The other asked how?


The first said that you not only touched the girl but also carried her across the river
And that is sin.

Another said, “When did I do this?”
The first one spoke this morning
The other laughed and said, “I got this girl there in the morning.”
Had taken off
But that girl is still on your mind
Tell me what happened to the sinner or you?
There are so many types it’s hard to say
We also sin
We also make wrong decisions
We also rely on the wrong people
We also do our own harm
We also get lost by taking the wrong step
We also get up and sit in the wrong people
I call these things life accidents
We cannot save ourselves from them
But the problem is when these mistakes are planted in our minds
And we carry their burdens and move on
This weight would increase over time
That’s where our journey stops
We are very stupid people
We want to fix the past
And want to see a better future
Our present life is bad then
When we keep discussing the past
Therefore, if the night is over and you live by following the word, then you will be at peace

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