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8 successful businesses without investment.

Let’s take a look at the 2000 year history of the world
So for many centuries rich people have been taking free work from the poor
Most of us have probably seen some people
That he had with his master two meals a day and a place to stay
Lived all his life.

Then came the time of some take and some two
That is, if you work for someone, in return
The employer pays you
Have you ever thought.

how to start successful business

Four world famous companies
1 Google
2 Facebook
3 youtube
4 amazon
Their service is absolutely free
Look at Facebook all day, do a Google search, they don’t charge you
So how do they earn?
How are these companies getting richer every moment?
Friends, the answer is yes. Idea.
Today I am giving you 8 ideas
Investment without following them
You can become rich in days.

1 idea.

Network marketing.

.Friends, remember this Google, Facebook, YouTube, tick tock
Not just apps, but these factories
Create an account for them
Increase subscribers and followers
Can earn good money.


No 2

affiliate marketing.

.You go to amazon and create a free account there
Items can take a batch commission.


drop shipping.

.Chinese companies create millions of products and place advertisements on their social media pages

From there, you can pick up their product and sell it on your social media pages for a small profit.
In which money transactions are done by companies
You get your share.



.Whatever comes to you
Whatever you are an expert on
You start coaching it online.


Idea’s marketing.

.You can sell your ideas online

No. 6

part time insurance
Take an insurance agent course
And you start it part time


physical marketing
Take the marketing of salons, malls, etc. that open in the city

No 8

poem and story serves
Every child in the world wants to hear poems and stories
Memorize ten or fifteen children’s stories and poems
Keep a small fee
And start teaching kids online

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