How to be a successful businesswoman | who are the most successful entrepreneurs

successful businessman in india , 2 Ways to become a successful businessman

This is the advice

and now i tell you

how to start business and, what are the essentials for business.

NO1-What kind of business do you want to do, such as clothes, paper, or linen?

Number two market research.
Search the market for what you get.
And what is worth walking in our area?

No. 3 Coast.
The first thing we like is to ski the cost.
And to find out where this thing will come from and in how much.
And how much will it sell in our area?

Number four location.
Friends, space is very important. If you open a shop inside the market, it will come to you on foot.

And if you open it in the forest, no one will come there.

Number five packing.
Friends say that he who sees does not sell.
Your item may be normal but the packaging should be good.
See if your item sells out very quickly.

No. 6 Profit.
Yes, it is very important to calculate profit margin.
If you can do it, then do it. If you can’t do it, then do it after a month.
So you know where you stand right now.

No. 7 risk.
Yes, friends, it is important to take risks
Any job in the world doesn’t work without risk. You have to take a risk.

No. 8 Trade with Allah.
Friends, make your intention from day one.
That I have to give as much of what I earn in the way of Allah.
If you trade with Allah, you will get seventy rupees for one rupee.
These principles are a pillar for any business.
If you follow this rule
So you will never fail.