10 easy tips for save money | save money tips, how save money fast | how save money on groceries

10 easy tips for save money / how save money on groceries
how to save money

10 Ways to Save Money

As always, let me tell you a story first

Japan’s first female journalist to start a housewife magazine in 1908
She used to discuss women’s issues in this magazine
World War I began
So rescission came all over the country
The housewives were upset
And they started asking Hani for ways to reduce household expenses and save
Find out what to look for and tactics to help ease the way
Every home has a problem
It’s a global problem like the flu
Hani began to look for a permanent solution to this problem
Hani met with housewives for five consecutive years
Made a great saving system
This system is the best formula to reduce household expenses
Because of this one system
For the last 80 years
Japanese women reduce household spending
They are number one in the world
You too can follow this system

save money app

You can reduce your expenses
And you can increase your savings
This system revolves around four questions

1 How much is your income?
2 How much of your income do you want to save?
3 How much do you spend?
4 And how can you increase your income?
“Saving money is like losing weight,” Hani said
Everyone in the world wants to lose weight
But only those are successful
Who learn how to lose weight
Each of us wants to save
But only those who are successful will learn how to save

And there are 4 steps to learning this system
1 Analyze last year’s expenses
2 Make a monthly plan of expenses
3 You also plan your weekly expenses
4 Don’t repeat the mistakes you made last month

Set aside your savings at the beginning of the month
Or deposit in a bank account

Number 2:

Get rid of your home store
Because stored things take up a lot of space
And secondly, it causes you mental tension
The third step.

Divide the purchase into three parts
Shop for groceries first
Then separate the electricity, water, school, and rent
And then buy extra stuff later
Follow this item once
See, after a few months, your savings graph will start to grow.

The fourth step

is to balance income and desires

Step 5:

Turn purchases into investments
You always buy things that are expensive over time
Such as jewelry, land, shop, house, etc.

Step 6:

Sell things and buy more
Instead of shopping every day, buy from the market together after a month

Step 7:

Your monthly expenses, such as electricity, gas, and petrol, should be reduced each month

The eighth step.

Don’t keep cash in your pocket
Remember that cash is always looking for a place to spend

Step 9:

Enter the committee

Step 10:

Grow your vegetables at home